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Make an Adorable, Cost-minded Baby Shower Diaper 'Cake' Centerpiece

By Vicki McClure Davidson

Clever and functional, this baby shower diaper 'cake' centerpiece is easy to make and will delight the mother-to-be and guests.

Party supplies have become quite expensive, and are often discarded after the festivities (money in the trash), so making a baby shower table centerpiece that does double-duty as party decor and as a gift is totally frugalicious!

This is über-adorable:

Tropical-themed diaper 'cake' centerpiece for baby shower | Photo credit: Shoebox Chef

Tropical-themed diaper 'cake' centerpiece for baby shower | Photo credit: Shoebox Chef


The Shoebox Chef has the how-to instructions, along with more photos, posted on her website, with this background info:

Okay, so this isn't really food, but it sort of resembles it. Sort of.

I broke out my crafty-hat a few months ago and made a diaper cake for a friend's baby shower.

I'd never made one before, but I've seen lots of pictures and figured it couldn't be that hard. It wasn't! It was just a little time-consuming, but totally worth it because it was totally fun to make.

And the mommy-to-be loved it!

It was a Hawaiian-themed baby shower, so I decorated the 'cake' to look tropical. I found silk hibiscus flowers and palm leaf-shaped coasters to decorate. And since I knew in advance that the baby is going to be a boy, I found cute blue polka-dotted ribbon to surround each tier of the 'cake.'

She concluded with this:

It was so fun to make and show off, and the expression of delight on the mother-to-be's face when she saw it made the work all the more rewarding for me.

I hope to get the chance to make more diaper 'cakes' in the near future! Hear that, friends? Breed on!

In my head, I'm envisioning many other creative possibilities — zoo animal-themed, cartoon character-themed, outer space-themed, and sports-themed diaper cakes as variations of the tropical Hawaiian theme shown in the photo.

Click here for the directions at Shoebox Chef.


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