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DIY Homemade Concoctions: Floor and Wall Cleaner

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson


Why spend extra money on floor and wall cleaners when you can make your own inexpensive two-in-one cleaner at home? This frugal cleaner recipe is easy, taking only about five minutes to make, and the resulting cleaner is just as good (and much cheaper) than those expensive ones sold at the supermarket or hardware store.

Materials Needed

1-gal. bucket
Warm water (a little less than 1 gallon)
Borax (located near the powdered laundry detergents in most grocery stores)
Liquid dishwashing soap

Mix the ingredients together gently with a large spoon or wooden dowel. Don't agitate it too much or you'll slosh solution out of the bucket.

All done (well, except for the actual cleaning of the floor and walls)!


Other alternative DIY home cleaners are rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle, squirt the area that needs cleaning. It cuts through grease build-up, shines faucets beautifully... without scratching or dulling. Cheap white vinegar works well as a DIY cleaner of countertops.

DIY homemade floor and wall cleaners will save you a good chunk of money each year. | Photo credit: MS Clips
DIY homemade floor and wall cleaners will save you a good chunk of money each year. | Photo Credit: Ms Clips




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