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Entertainment, on the Cheap

Free Movie Viewings: The Reel Truth

By Vicki McClure Davidson


Free movie viewings through The Reel Truth | Photo credit: MS Office



Movie Viewings | Photo credit: MS Office

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? However, free membership with this US service/site is indeed free and legitimate. From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to low-budget independent features, The Reel Truth offers screening passes to promote a variety of movies in most major cities.

The Reel Truth works with more than a dozen film studios, including 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, United Artists, and Newline Cinema. Go to The Reel Truth website and read through its different sections for all the details.

On average, I receive email notices to preview new flicks in our area FOR FREE at least once a week, and sometimes, several times a week. These are usually a few days or a week before the film is launched nationwide. The website is undergoing some construction right now, and will soon be offering a blog and news section.

Most of these are offered within 48 to 72 hours of the showing date and only a few have been offered on weekends. However, the screening passes issued (first come, first serve) are usually for two people, and our family has "won" about 8 free passes since I signed up.

Occasionally, emergency screenings are offered, giving members just a few hours' notice. Blockbusters go fastest, so you need to check your emails often and respond quickly.

Once you are selected and receive the emailed screening pass, it's important that you read the specific guidelines on the pass. You also need to print out the pass and bring it, and sometimes your ID, with you to the theater.

Be aware that seating is limited and once the theater reaches maximum capacity, pass or no pass, you won't be let in (we learned this once the hard way; my son was utterly crushed). You and your guest must arrive early to assure getting seats (how early you must be there is printed on the pass).

Sometimes, it is requested that you go online following the film screening to write a brief review. Once, we filled out an opinion survey at the theater after the movie ended. Overall, a small inconvenience for a free night at the movies with your spouse, child, or friend (popcorn and soda not included). Go to for more information and membership signup.


Movie posters of some of the films that have been offered for previewing to members of The Reel Truth.


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