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Easter Fun Review: Bunnies in the Garden


Bunnies in the Garden: A fun Easter craft project from the folks at
Bunnies in the Garden: Easter Craft Project



Go to the how-to instructions at

We really like this one. It's a whimsical, inexpensive activity that serves well as both an art project AND a holiday cookie recipe... frugal, fun, and delicious. A combination like that can't get any better. This involves and entertains all ages of children, but is recommended for more hands-on for ages 6 and up.

As of this week, there were 15 posted reviews from readers and all were highly positive.

The folks at have a thumbs-up winner with this recipe/holiday activity. The directions are provided methodically without being overwhelming and they're easy for children to accomplish with some adult supervision.

Easter is a great time to create inexpensive edible kitchen craft projects with children. | Photo credit: MS Office


Review of Bunnies in the Garden Easter Project

The inexpensive materials needed are listed at the top of the article, with highly visible bullets, and any supplies you don't have on hand (like craft sticks or pipe cleaners) can be found in most art supply or craft stores.

The beauty of these craft supplies is that they aren't specialized and any leftovers can be easily used in other kid craft projects.

The two potential problems we see with Bunnies in the Garden is that buying the Nestlé Toll House Refrigerated Pink Easter Bunnies Sugar Cookies is likely pricey and you and the kids couldn't do this project off-season. Also, this seasonal cookie product could be discontinued in years to come, considering the transient nature of commercial baking goods.

One solution to offset these two negatives would be to make your own, less costly bunny sugar cookies instead of buying the pre-made refrigerated ones. An inexpensive bunny cookie cutter can likely be found at garage sales or Wal-Mart or Target.

With a bit of imagination, this activity could be modified for other holidays, such as "Black Cats in the Graveyard" for Halloween or "Turkeys in the Straw" for Thanksgiving, or anything else you can concoct.



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