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DIY T-Shirt Transformations: Save Big Bucks with Adorable Fashion Makeovers Using Old T-Shirts

By Vicki McClure Davidson


DIY T-shirt fashion transformations... spend little, look amazing with upcycled T-shirts
DIY T-shirt fashion transformations... spend little, look amazing with upcycled T-shirts


Specialty and fashion T-shirts are often horrifically expensive... you can easily make your own cute and casual fashion statements at a fraction of the cost by using old T-shirts. Why spend $30 to $50 (or more) on a cool spring or summer shirt or dress or shoulder bag when you can T-shirt DIY for next to nothing?

Dig through your drawers for old T-shirts, or take a trip to the second-hand store or hit some neighborhood garage sales. Clearance racks at clothing stores or T-shirt swaps with friends are other good sources for collecting inexpensive T-shirts.

Fashion trends may come and go, but T-shirts are always in style at school, the pool, the park, or any casual gathering or outing. Some of these T-shirt makeovers are more upscale, making them perfect attire for clubbing or parties.

These how-to videos are easy (some require no sewing) and barely scratch the surface of what you can create for less than a few dollars... and still look fabulous.

Frugality and recycling rock, so embrace your inner DIY with these "sweet 16" how-to videos!


How To: Cut a T-Shirt into a Tank Top


Designing Dresses: How to Cut a T-Shirt Into a Dress


Make a Romper Out of a T-Shirt: Secret Life of a Bio Nerd, Threadbanger


DIY: 5 Ways to Transform One T-Shirt (No Sewing)


How to Cut the Perfect Off-the-Shoulder T-Shirt


EASY DIY: Remake That Old T-Shirt Into a HOT TOP!


D.I.Y. T-Shirt Reconstruction: Cut Up Back (2 Weave Pattern)


DIY Graphic Tee (Super Simple)


DIY T-shirt into Peplum Top


How to Cut a T-Shirt Into a Racer Back Tank Top: DIY Fashion Projects


Tee Dress, T-Recon, Threadbanger


DIY: Transform Old T-shirt into a Jacket


Old T-shirts can also be made into funky, cheap-but-chic shoulder bags, purses, or hobo bags.


DIY! How to Upcycle Your Old Tees


DIY: T-Shirt Purse/Bag | Quick & Super Easy


DIY Hobo Bag T-shirt Recon, ThreadBanger How-to (No Sewing)


DIY: T-shirt Shoulder Bag




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