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Dress Like Royalty for Less: How to Copy Duchess Kate's Classic Fashions on a Commoner's Budget

By Vicki McClure Davidson


Look like royalty for less... you can imitate Duchess Kate's classic fashions on a limited budget
Look like royalty for less... you can imitate Duchess Kate's fashions on a limited budget


When Britain's Prince William proposed to girlfriend Kate Middleton, much of the world was captivated by this English beauty, who has displayed humor, common sense, and style. Since their wedding in April 2011, the interest in Duchess Kate of Cambridge hasn't let up. Kate's frugality, considering that she is an international celebrity, has impressed many, while upsetting those who wish she were more lavish.

But while the new duchess regularly recycles her fabulous fashions and isn't excessive with high-end designers, her place in the royalty spotlight demands that she spends much more money on her elegant clothes than the average commoner can afford.

However, imitating Kate's classic, beautiful looks need not break the bank. You can recreate them for much less. Dressing like royalty, with a bit of creativity, can be quite affordable.

In this first video, Lori Bergamotto, style editor at Lucky magazine, shared with "Good Morning America" viewers how to closely imitate Duchess Kate's regal, clean-cut look on a thrift-minded budget.

Four fashion looks of the duchess were recreated for far less than the originals cost.

The first fashion "engagement announcement" dress (Kate's own sapphire blue, silk jersey dress designed by Issa, cost $600), but the look can be copied for under $50. Kate's "casual country" look was pulled together for spring, and the black suede boots were from AMI Clubware for just $26. Kate's "sophisticated" red suit was originally more than $800, but the look-alike outfit, with the $34.95 H&M red jacket, costs much less. The final fashion look described in the "GMA" interview of Kate's $1,000 Burberry trench coat was achieved for just about a tenth of that price, at $180 with a very feminine, polished Topshop khaki trench. The silhouette of the look-alike coat beautifully mimics Kate's own signature trench.


Kate Middleton: Her Fashion & Looks for Less - Good Morning America, ABC News


Photos of the four imitated fashion looks shown on Good Morning America — details were described in the video:


Duchess Kate's blue engagement announcement dress
Duchess Kate's blue engagement announcement dress


Duchess Kate's 'country casual' look
Duchess Kate's 'country casual' look


Duchess Kate's sophisticated red suit
Duchess Kate's sophisticated red suit


Duchess Kate's trench coat
Duchess Kate's trench coat


Daily Mail offers suggestions on copying Kate's engagement dress, along with makeup and hair tips. Copies of that dress and other Kate-inspired designs have flooded the UK.

Several more of Duchess Kate's looks are described in this next video, including a flirty, casual outfit of skinny jeans paired with a lovely lacy top that can be inexpensively duplicated at Dress Barn. With a bit of hunting, the look could be achieved even more cheaply by searching out Goodwill and other second-hand stores.


Style Watch: Get the Look of Kate Middleton


Duchess Kate's flirty, casual look of skinny jeans and lacy top
Duchess Kate's flirty, casual look of skinny jeans and lacy top


Regis Salons UK demonstrates in this next video how you can recreate Kate Middleton's two signature style: her loose, bouncy curls and her ponytail with volume at the crown.

Kate Middleton Hair Tutorial: Kate's bouncy curls and ponytail



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