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Fabulous Fashion Finds & Ensembles at I'm Not Obsessed!

By Vicki McClure Davidson


I'm Not Obsessed! is an upbeat celebrity gossip site. It has a number of sections, of which we feel "Fashion Finds" is one of its best sections.

The "Fashion Finds" section is teeming with candid photographs of many of Hollywood's lovely female celebs dressed in unique ensembles when out in public. The site then gives a list of the clothing items worn in the photo, with suggested retail prices and the designer/store where they, or reasonable, cheaper facsimiles, can be found. We love this: readers can then recreate the showcased outfit for less money and less head-scratching time trying to determine who designed those cute shoes or handbag. Effective and frugal reverse engineering.

But, here's where it gets better. Each clothing item (both in the text list and accompanying graphic) is linked to an outside source. A full photo with the individual pieces laid out, with interactive links to each item's web page, are provided.

We're impressed. A lot of work (and "frugal-fashion love") goes into maintaining this section.

It's not just a series of quick-snap photos that leave readers scrambling to figure out and locate the ensemble pieces. That would have been the easy, quick way to put this section together. However, they went the extra mile with extensive research and HTML coding. We commend the webmaster for making this DIY section so user-friendly. I'm Not Obsessed's "Fashion Finds" section is a fashion frugalista's dream come true. The pricey fashion savvy of female celebrities like Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Díaz, Eva Longoria, Liv Tyler, Fergie, Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes, and Charlize Theron (to name but a few) has been reverse-engineered admirably for a fraction of the original's cost.

After clicking through "Fashion Find's" many web pages, though, we feel some of the "hot fashion looks" were downright unattractive. Dumpy, hideous, even. But who are we to judge what actresses and socialites in Los Angeles wear when running errands? I cringe at the thought that someone might some day snap a candid photo of me on a weekend when I'm trolling at Home Depot in a rumpled sweatshirt and faded Lee stretch jeans... not even an honorable mention as "Conservative Mom Chichi", I dare say.

At least none of the photos we saw were fashion nightmares nor the pretentious, outlandish togs seen on Vogue runways. These are, for the most part, outfits that the average woman with a modest clothing budget might actually consider garbing herself in when out and about.

I'm Not Obsessed! is an easy-to-navigate, brilliant-in-its-simplicity website. We love the fashion looks it presents—most are flattering to many figure types. Many could easily be worn by many women over the age of 40 living in less fashion-minded areas of the country. From the photos, you can analyze the looks you like and start hitting the thrift stores, flea markets, and discount tables (even friends' closets) to try locating similar, gently used items to create an even less-expensive version of the ensemble.

Picking just one favorite fashion look from the site was difficult, but below is our choice. This is an attractive, slimming all-black casual outfit that comedienne-actress Jaime Pressly, co-star on My Name Is Earl, was photographed wearing in January 2008. Very classic, but edgy. It's got that " less is more" vibe, and it appears to be an easy outfit to recreate more cheaply with a bit of sleuthing and imagination. This scores high on our Conservative Mom Chichi scale...

Favorite Featured Fashion Find: Jaime Pressly

Photo credit:

Create Jaime's look for under $190:

Forever 21 - Jacket - $37.80
Bluefly - Top - $35.00
ASOS - Earrings - $9.12
Target - Handbag - $19.99
Macy's - Pants - $34.50
Endless - Boots - $49.89

Fashion Finds: Jaime Pressley | Photo credit: I'm Not Obsessed!
To go to directly to the Fashion Finds web page to use the photo links for the fashion pieces shown above (they are disabled here), click here. Scroll down the page a bit to locate this cool Jaime Pressly fashion find and how you can recreate it.
How to create Jaime's outfit


Check in on I'm Not Obsessed! often, because they upload new "Fashion Finds" several times a week. Great ideas, great cheap chic. It's like having your own frugal fashion consultant on call 24/7.




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