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Pump Savvy: Finding the Cheapest Gas in Your Area

By Vicki McClure Davidson


With the price of gas going up and then down (to potentially go up again), much like a sugar-buzzed 7-year-old on a trampoline, I get frustrated on my way to and from work trying to remember where the gas stations with the lowest prices for gas are.

Well, that headache has now lessened (although, the prices stab me with only a mild twinge in my temples lately). Every evening, the folks who are web-mastering at MSN Autos receive pricing data from more than 90,000 gas stations across the nation. The MSN Autos site is updated with the data and this is a blessing for all of us.

Type in your ZIP code in the appropriate field, and the highest and lowest gas prices in the United States are posted on the site with a map with multiple gas station locations within your ZIP code.

Whether the prices are dropping or suddenly rising, this is a smart way to save a few bucks on gasoline.

Here is a link to the MSN Autos website for you to use prior to filling (or, to be realistic, just half-filling) your car's gas tank. Two other websites to explore for low gas prices in your neighborhood are at and

Having this information will save you money at the pumps and save you some stress!


Filling your gas tank can be more painless if you know where to go for the lowest gas prices. | Photo credit: MS Office
Filling your gas tank can be more painless if you know where to go for the lowest gas prices. | Photo credit: MS Office


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