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Beauty Is As Beauty Does: Great Ways to Reduce Your Grooming and Beauty Aid Expenses | Cheap Beauty Tips

By Vicki McClure Davidson


Beauty products sure ain't cheap anymore. A single tube of waterproof mascara can cost more than a bag of groceries these days. Times are tough for those of us who aren't naturally gorgeous and rely on cosmetics to enhance attributes and to fix or hide flaws.

I remember back when the price of a bottle of nail polish was less than an hour of minimum wage work.

When Vaseline dabbed on the lips for a bit of shine and lubrication was respected, and a restful, bubbly bath was cheap-cheap-cheap. When washing your face wasn't a complicated, expensive science project.

Reduce cosmetic and grooming costs with homemade recipes and techniques. | Photo credit: MS Clips
Reduce cosmetic and grooming costs with homemade recipes and techniques. | Photo credit: MS Clips

When pinching your cheeks for a natural glow of color was the "in" thing to do, a frugal and fast way to appear to be in rosy health (OK, that one's not really true of my generation—I had several palettes of Cover Girl and Revlon powder blush and a Yardley gel shimmer cheek highlighter—but my mom's generation of cosmetic wearers did a lot of cheek-pinching to save money).

It's not just women who are cringing at the escalating costs. Many men are feeling the financial pinch with the high-rising cost of bronzers and other subtle grooming/beauty enhancers. When bills need to be paid and your supply of grooming products run low, difficult choices must be made to stay on budget.

Being broke, though, doesn't mean you can't look good nor have to delay paying your utility bills.

There are many ways to combat the high expense of grooming and beauty aid products. You can make your own skin treatments at home using common items and foods and stretch out how long they last. Reducing your outlay of cash to be able to buy things that are actually more important in the whole scheme of things—important things, like paying your rent. You can skimp on your daily usage to make them last longer.

Cheap (and free) beauty tips have been around for years... centuries, actually. During the era of Cleopatra in 4000 BC , the wearing of kohl eye liner was all the Egyptian rage for both men and women (and was made of ground lead sulfide, which it still is today).

Here are but a few frugal tips on "accentuating the positive" — cosmetics and skin care aids on the cheap:




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