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Beauty DIY: Homemade Body Scrubs

By Vicki McClure Davidson


Exfoliating your arms, legs, and torso gives them a smooth, radiant appearance while making the skin smooth to the touch. Dead skin cells are gently removed, and you glow all over, totally invigorated. Body scrubs in department stores can cost dearly... making them at home is cheaper than you'd think.

Peppermint oil gives a fresh, invigorating fragrance to homemade body scrub.
Peppermint oil gives a fresh, invigorating fragrance to homemade body scrub.

Body scrubs are a lovely indulgence. But why spend a hefty amount of your cash on a jar of mint body sloughing creme or for a few hours at the spa when you can make your own mint body scrub for a fraction of the cost? Homemade body scrub is well within most frugal budgets.


Makes 3 cups.

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Be careful not to use more than a drop or two of peppermint oil, because it is highly concentrated. Store in a plastic container with a lid that will make the container air-tight (don't use a glass jar because it could be dropped accidentally and broken when being used in the shower).

While showering, scoop small amounts out with your fingertips. Massage the scrub over your body. Avoid scrubbing your face and throat areas; the skin tissue there is more delicate there—a more gentle scrub, such as an oatmeal scrub, is better because it is less abrasive.

Concentrate on your rough, dry-skin areas, like elbows, knees, and heels. Rinse off thoroughly when done, massaging with your fingertips as the scrub washes away. Glow and go!

Store any remainder body scrub in a cool, dark place; the refrigerator is a good place. Be sure that the container lid is secure. This batch of body scrub should last for a number of scrubbing sessions.

Other fragrance oils that can be used as alternates include lavender, lilac, rose, or lemon. Your body will tingle and glow like you just spent a small fortune at the spa!


Salt exfoliates dead skin cells. Because of the drying properties of salt, it's not recommended that you use any salt-based scrub on the face (most definitely NOT near the eyes).

This salt-based body scrub recipe makes a hefty batch and is one of several body scrub recipes at Free Beauty Tips:

The nice thing about do-it-yourself scrubs is that you can vary the ingredients to make your own favorite scents. Instead of essential oils, you may decide to add cocoa or coffee for a chocolate or mocha body scrub. Add vanilla; your scrub will smell fantastic. Here's how:

Salt Scrub Recipe

  • 8 c. coarse pickling or kosher salt
  • 2 c. avocado, untoasted sesame oil, or jojoba oil
  • 1 c. apricot or peach kernel oil
  • 1 c. unsweetened cocoa or 1/4 c. freeze-dried coffee crystals
  • 2 T. vanilla extract
  • Honey for smoothing the texture

When you make your own scrubs, you can afford to use the best ingredients. Add a handful of ground dried white tea leaves to your body scrub and follow it up with natural cucumber extract for a soothing, summery fragrance. With some practice, you'll understand how to make practically any scrub you want. And they make terrific gifts: buy some pretty jars and labels and package your own recipes for your friends!


Here's another recipe for an inexpensive homemade body scrub. It appeared on Self magazine's website, July 14, 2008, and was posted by Krystle Kensky:

"Last week, I met with the representatives from Westin Hotel and Spa in Grand Cayman and St Maarten. (No I didn't visit personally—they brought the beach to me!) Hearing about the lavish hotel, top-notch spa, pristine beaches and yummy local food was tempting—I nearly booked a flight when I got back to my desk! But, until I can venture beyond Brooklyn, I plan on taking advantage of this great tip (courtesy of Westin), sure to make me feel a little beachy:

Make your own island body scrub by mixing one cup of sea salts and 3 tablespoons of body oil (add more oil if mixture is too dry to spread across your skin). Use it in the shower to instantly smooth your skin—plus give it a little glow."




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