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Frugal Homeschooling & Education Tips: Save Time & Money


Frugal Homeschooling Help and Tips

The Plus-Side of Joining a Homeschooling Support Group

Homeschooling Tools and Supplies on a Frugal Budget

Beating the Economy: Tips to Keep Homeschooling Affordable

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Gotta Make 'Em Laugh: Links to Clean, Christian, & Kid Joke Sites

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Common Sense & Frugality: Let's Bring Back Home Economic Classes

Find Inexpensive Science Materials Online (being updated)


Frugal Homeschooling Field Trip Ideas and Craft Activities

Herr's: Free Pennsylvania Snack Food Tour

How to Draw... with Jan Brett

The Rap on Wrap: Get Creative, Get Thrifty with DIY Wrapping Paper from Recycled Materials

Budget Crafts: Origami & Kirigami Christmas Ornaments

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Frugal Japanese-Inspired, Eco-Friendly Christmas Candy Gift Wrap & More "Cheap but Chic" Christmas Ideas (video)

Pine Cone Panache for the Holidays: Easy, Frugal Home Decor, Craft, and Gift Ideas Using Pine Cones

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Christmas on a Shoestring: Frugal Origami Christmas Ornaments, Using Old Phonebooks (video)

Chic 'n Cheap: Unique Kitchen Crafts Made with Legos

DIY Recycled Fashion: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: Back-2-Skool Special: Frugal DIY Ideas for Making Your Own School Backpacks, Book Bags, Laptop Covers, Pencil Cases, Book Covers, & Messenger Bags

DIY Fashion: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: Frugal Halloween Costumes | Pirate Costume

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Chic to Be Cheap… Halloween Fashion DIY: Make Your Own Fairy Wings (video)

The Great Frugal "Shoe Down" – 36 Unique Ways to Lace a Shoe

Budget Kid Fashion Craft – Video Demo: Embroidery Floss Bracelets

DIY Fashion: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: How to Beat Road-trip Boredom by Making Macramé Jewelry

DIY Fashion: HowCast & eVillage | Video Demos: Several Tie-Dye Techniques, How to Tie-Dye a T-Shirt

DIY Recycling & Fashion: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: Recycling/Repurposing Plastic Bags & Making Shopping Tote Bags from Old Clothes

Second Time Around: Smart, Frugal Ways to Reuse & Recycle Things around the House

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Merry Frugal Christmas! Homemade Soup As Thrift-minded Gifts from the Heart

DIY Budget Outdoor Burner


Teaching Tips for Parents

Memory Trick: Eight Parts of English Grammar

Math Memory Tricks

Of Mice and Modifiers — How to Avoid Confusing Modifiers in Writing


Frugal Adult Education Opportunities

Free Online English Classes for Non-English-Speaking Adults (but Only if You Speak Spanish)