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Main Dishes: Thrifty Entrées and Filling Dishes

Fill Their Stomachs for Pennies: Potatoes for All!

Great Depression Era Cooking with Clara

Great Depression Cooking Saves Money: CBS Interview with Grandmother Clara, Plus Holiday Artichokes

Let's Talk Turkey: What to Do with All Those Holiday Turkey Leftovers:

Turkey Burritos  |  Turkey Pot Pie  |  Turkey Mini-Pizzas  |  Turkey Waldorf Salad  |  Garlic Turkey Chowder  |  Turkey and Rice Casserole  |  Turkey and Mushroom Pot Pie  |  Homemade Cream of Turkey Soup... Don't Waste That Carcass!

Skillet Hamburger Pie

Winging It: Three Hot Wings Sauce Recipes: Supreme Hot Wings, Hooters' Copy-Cat Hot Wings, & Honey Hot Wings

Spice It up with Cinnamon, It's Not Just for Desserts: Budget Recipes & the Miraculous Spice for Meats, Fruits, & Vegetables... and for Health

Beautiful Beans Bonanza: Yummy, Filling, Money-Saving Recipes for Beans... Soups, Stews, Salads

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Wow, That’s A Lot of Leftover Turkey… Frugal Café with Easy, Cheap Recipes for Turkey Leftovers

Love Me Tender: Cheap Roast Beef Perfectly Slow-Cooked for Royalty... How to Do It Yourself

Rochester Sweet and Sour Lentils

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Five Things Your Seafood Restaurant May Not Be Telling You About Their Fish (video)

The Beautiful Burrito: Make Your Own and Save Money

Egg-static! Thrifty Egg Dishes, Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Hearty and Cheap: Old-Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Valentine's Day Cooking Lessons: How to Cook a Romantic Dinner: Pecan Chicken with Mustard and Coeur a la Creme Dessert (video)

"The Biggest Loser" White House Salad Recipe

Frugal Café Blog Zone Cooking: Glenn Smith's Recession Curry & Tasty Flatiron Steak

Skillet Macaroni and Beef Recipe

Creamy Tuna Skillet Casserole

Rickshaw Rice Skillet Meal

Celebrity Recipes: "The Frugal Gourmet" Jeff Smith's Pork in Gorgonzola

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Liquid Gold: New Velveeta Ads for Cheesy Skillet Dinners Feature Handsome Old World Blacksmith (video)

Phoenix Enchilada Casserole Bake Recipe

Fore! 9 Golf-Inspired Easy, Frugal Main Dish Recipes for People Who Don't Have Much Time to Spend in the Kitchen

How to Make Tortillas from Scratch (coming soon)

Oatmeal, the Vitamin-Rich Filler (coming soon)

Wheat Germ: Stretch Your Food Budget with This Nutritious Marvel (coming soon)

Many more filling, cheap-to-make dinner/main entrée recipes are provided here: Soups and Stocks: Fabulous and Frugal.