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Soy Vodka Seafood Cocktail Sauce

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson


Soy Vodka Seafood Cocktail Sauce Recipe

I found this unusual cocktail sauce recipe at, and love the sound of it. I had not ever heard of soy vodka before, so did a little digging. Soy vodka (for this recipe, manufactured by the company 3 Vodka) is made with the addition of soy isolates and is said to taste significantly smoother than other vodkas. Could you use a non-soy vodka for this recipe?

Maybe. I'm not convinced that with the addition of the other ingredients that any perceivable difference in taste would be noticed or even important. The price for this particular vodka, at the time of this writing, is about $22.95 for a 750 ml bottle. Rather pricey, but you don't need to use much of it, and perhaps it isn't just an advertising ploy. Other vodkas, however, including Smirnoff, cost much less. Your call.

I'm hoping to give this vodka cocktail sauce a try the next time we have seafood. It also sounds like it would work well with eggs, chicken, and in some casseroles.

The hefty measurements in this chef's recipe appear to be geared towards restaurant preparation (I can't imagine ever needing 8 cups of cocktail sauce at one time, unless we were hosting a huge party), so I've adjusted it below to accommodate how much I think the average family would need for a meal or two.


Soy Vodka Cocktail Sauce

Original recipe is from chef Nicholas Hadhad, posted at, "Cooking 101".

Combine all ingredients.

Makes about 8 cups.


My adjusted recipe measurements:

Combine all ingredients.

Makes about 2 cups.

Combine all the ingredients and chill for a few hours, so the flavors can meld together, until ready to serve. Store the cocktail sauce in the refrigerator in a glass container, as the acids in the ketchup and lemon could corrode and possibly stain plasticware. Because of the acids, though, it should last in the fridge for a long time if kept in an airtight container.



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