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Chefs' Cooking Secrets | Broccoli Soup, with Gordon Ramsay | Video

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson



Who knew making homemade broccoli soup would be so easy, quick, and cheap? When I first watched this demo, I was flabbergasted.

How could it be this uncomplicated? I'm a big fan of broccoli, but when I've made my own broccoli soup, it never turned out as rich and green as this batch does. I overcooked it, and now I know better.

Master chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay demonstrates beautifully how to make this effortless, rich, cheap soup. Anyone can make it with little cooking experience. Thrifty, flavorful, and healthful, this soup won't impact anyone's "on a shoestring" food budget. Kids of all ages can also help make this soup without any problem.

A crusty loaf of garlic bread and some fresh fruit on the side and it's a lovely meal that can be served any time of year for the family or friends. Ramsay uses a few slices of goat's cheese and several walnuts (or almonds, your choice) placed in the bottom of the soup bowl for a sophisticated presentation, but you can use different cheese if you wish, use something altogether different, or simply serve the soup as is. You might not blend up all the broccoli, leaving enough florets to add one as a dramatic touch to the top of each serving.

Lots of room for creativity here, while still being frugal.

In this cooking demo, Ramsay also offers several excellent chef's tips on how to select fresh broccoli, how to season and properly cook it (don't overcook!), and how to easily purée it, once it's cooked, in a blender.

This recipe is featured in Gordon Ramsay's 2005 cookbook, Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy. Running time: 5:19.


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