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How to Save Money Boarding Your Horse

By Mary Santagiuliana


Ms. Santagiuliana has a horse training business in Verona, Kentucky. She has more than 16 years of experience with horses and for the past 9-plus years, has been training young horses.
Website: Eclipse Mountain Trainers


One of Mary's horses | Photo credit: Mary Santagiuliana

One of Mary's horses | Photo credit: Mary Santagiuliana

If you don't have the space or a stable to board your horse on your own property, here are some suggestions on trimming the costs for boarding your horse at an equine facility.


Running A "Muck"

Talk with your barn owner/manager and see if you can get a discount on your board by cleaning stalls at the barn a few times a week.


Lessons Learned

If your barn/stable gives lessons, ask if they can use your horse in their lesson program. If they can, inquire if they would be willing to give you a discount on your board for use of your horse in their program.


Free Lease

Think about half-leasing your horse to a rider whom you trust and who is interested in coming to an agreement with you. In "half-leasing," the person typically pays half the monthly expenses in exchange for their use of your horse as a mount. If you're paying $400 a month board, you’d only have to pay $200.

If you simply don't have anytime to ride or be with your horse at all, you can consider having your horse "full leased." Talk with your barn/stable owner to see if this is allowable in his or her barn, and if it is, ask them for the pros and cons of both arrangements.


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