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Iowahawk’s David Burge Is One Funny Dude… Twitter-tastic #DavesLaws

Posted By on May 28, 2015



On his Twitter account, conservative scalawag David Burge, aka Iowahawk, identifies his profession as “Karma’s janitor.”

Got it.

Entertaining stuff from the Iowahawk corner of the Twitterverse — Burge’s self-proclaimed #DavesLaws:

Memory Lane — a small assortment of Iowahawk tweets I’ve posted as jpegs over the past few years. Dusting them off for a revisit:





This isn’t specified as one of #DavesLaws, but it should be:

Nebraska’s Convicted Murderers, Rejoice: State Abolishes Death Penalty (video)

Posted By on May 27, 2015

Earlier today, Nebraska lawmakers ignored the state's governor and abolished the death penalty

Earlier today, Nebraska lawmakers ignored the state’s governor and abolished the death penalty


Convicted murderers on death row in Nebraska will sleep with smiles on their faces tonight.

Earlier today, the state of Nebraska, by a narrow vote, repealed its death penalty. This makes it the first conservative U.S. state in more than four decades to abolish capital punishment.

Boston Marathon bomber and convicted murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given the death penalty earlier this month after a jury convicted him on six counts. This, despite Massachusetts having abolished the death penalty in 1984 when it declared that it was unconstitutional. Tsarnaev must be kicking himself that he and his dead terrorist brother didn’t execute their heinous terrorist plot to kill and maim innocent people in Lincoln, Nebraska rather than in Boston.

Reported by New York Times, Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty:

Nebraska on Wednesday became the first conservative state in more than 40 years to abolish the death penalty, with lawmakers defying their Republican governor, Pete Ricketts, a staunch supporter of capital punishment who had lobbied vigorously against banning it.

By a 30 to 19 vote that cut across party lines, the Legislature overrode the governor’s veto on Tuesday of a bill repealing the state’s death penalty law. The measure garnered just enough votes to overcome the veto.

The vote at the State Capitol here capped a monthslong battle that pitted most lawmakers in the unicameral Legislature against the governor, many law enforcement officials and some family members of murder victims whose killers are on death row. The Legislature approved the repeal bill three times this year, each time by a veto-proof majority, before sending it to Mr. Ricketts’s desk.

Mr. Ricketts fought against the repeal bill by appearing repeatedly in television interviews and urging Nebraskans to pressure their senators to oppose it. On Tuesday, he signed a veto in front of reporters assembled at the Capitol and talked about a gruesome bank robbery in the city of Norfolk in 2002 in which five people were shot to death as a compelling reason that Nebraska should hold on to capital punishment. Two family members of a woman who was shot during the robbery stood at the governor’s side.

Nebraska Legislature Repeals Death Penalty


From KTIV News, Nebraska governor vetoes bill to abolish death penalty; sheriff reacts:

“Big city politics, they’re trying to shove it down our throats,” Sheriff Rick Eberhardt, Pierce County, Nebraska said.

This Nebraska sheriff says out of state money is intimidating lawmakers and may take a way an important law enforcement tool.

“I’d like to see the death penalty stay, it’s part of our Nebraska heritage. It’s who we are. What I’m really upset about, we’re losing local control,” Eberhardt said.

Others see Nebraska on the brink of history, a conservative state that may abolish capital punishment.

“Totally in line with conservative values to repeal the death penalty. We know we’re wasting taxpayer money on this policy and getting no bang for our buck.”

The bill was introduced January 14th by Senator Ernie Chambers, who has fought the death penalty for 40 years.

After so many failed attempts, it came as a surprise to some, when lawmakers had up enough votes to pass the bill.

And enough to override the governor’s veto.

But some senators may be re-considering.

Joining Ricketts are those in law enforcement, who say it’s about public safety.

“People who did these horrible murders need to know when you do something,” Eberhardt said.

John Orr, son of former Governor Kay Orr has taken to social media, calling out republican lawmakers with a scorecard, saying they’re not conservative enough.

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