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Giving Back: Hollywood Director Helps Haiti’s Artists

Posted By on March 7, 2009

By Vicki McClure Davidson * Frugal Café Blog Zone

Hollywood, California

Hollywood, California

Doom and gloom surrounds us with the plunging US economy and Pres. Obama’s expensive love affair with wagyu: $100-a-pound hand-caressed Japanese steak. So, it’s revitalizing to read about some good old-fashioned charity from the usually clueless, self-absorbed entertainment industry. A few weeks back, during the annual Oscars event, this blurb was posted by the fashion industry at

The Benefits of the Oscars
Posted by Jacob Bernstein, February 20, 2009

Celebrities in Hollywood go to three types of parties. First are the dinners, held at another celebrity’s house. Then there are the fetes hosted by brands. Third are the benefits. Benefits establish celebrities as serious individuals. On Thursday night, Josh Brolin and Diane Lane co-hosted a Vanity Fair and Dior event for Brandaid, where everybody came out a winner. Lane wore Dior, but she paired it with glasses and looked very serious. The director Paul Haggis gave a speech. He started the organization, which buys art in countries like Haiti, auctions it at higher prices, then sends the money back to the countries where it was originally bought. It’s actually rather neat. Still, he said, “Everything is dirt cheap. We wanted to price things in this economy so the value will go up. You will not get deals like this in a couple of months.”

Laudable efforts, Mr. Haggis, and we wish you continued success with your project. Rather than demand that the government (i.e., American taxpayers) support or subsidize the artists, you shrewdly and creatively found a way for Haiti and other struggling countries to reap the financial benefits of supply and demand, effectively using the business model of capitalism. A win-win for both during this economic upheaval. Kudos to you!

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