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Conspicuous Consumption: Jennifer Aniston’s $88,000 Hair Style Could’ve Paid off My Mortgage

Posted By on March 10, 2009

By Vicki McClure Davidson * Frugal Café Blog Zone

Was it worth it? Jennifer Aniston's $88,000 hair style for her 2009 European tour of film 'Marley and Me'

Was it worth it? Jennifer Aniston's $88,000 hair style for her 2009 European tour of film 'Marley and Me'

Back when he was president, the press revealed that Pres. Bill Clinton paid $200 for his hair to be cut and styled. Wow, the outcry over that was deafening! As I recall, at least on one occasion, Air Force One idled on the tarmac of LA International Airport as our Commander in Chief’s hair stylist, Beverly Hills hairstylist, Cristophe, carefully trimmed and fluffed his salt-and-pepper coiffure. Precious aircraft fuel burning away as the POTUS was dolling up… grotesquely ridiculous.

Nowadays, though, that spendthrift revelation of conspicuous consumption seems “almost” like chump change—former Friends costar Jennifer Aniston paid an outrageous $88,644 for her hair to be styled by Chris McMillan prior to her Paris premier of her latest film, Marley and Me. For that kind of serious money, I could have paid off my mortgage. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m flabbergasted by her over-the-top vanity and clueless conspicuous consumption while so many American families are struggling just to feed their kids.

In all fairness, we live in America, where your money (for now) is yours to spend as you see fit (for now). Aniston makes obscene mega-bucks for her films, and so, she is indeed free to spend those mega-bucks on anything she desires, even if it’s something as ludicrous as her hair. We live (for now) in a free-market, capitalist society, and Aniston can be a bubble-headed moron with her money if she wants to be. No law against it. No taxpayer dollars funded her hairstylist fussing with her tresses (unlike Pres. Clinton). But it’s important for struggling Americans, those who are angry and want to take a stance against Obama’s pending taxation changes, the funding of multiple welfare programs, the funding of non-stimulus pet projects and earmarks, and the calculated remaking of our country’s economy and fundamental philosophies into that of a socialist nation, to know about all the ways they can voice their opinions. One way, in this instance, would be to boycott Aniston’s films.

Aniston’s haircut, by itself, did not cost $88 grand. That’s the full price tag for having hair maestro McMillan available to primp her hair (included his first-class air fare, food, lodging, yada yada) during her week-long European trip to promote her comedy, Marley and Me, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. Here’s a brief article from Strait Times breaking it all down, in US dollars and British pounds:

Aniston’s hairdo cost $88,644

LONDON – Despite the relatively low key look, Jennifer Aniston’s hair style at the Paris premier of her new film cost an astounding $88,644.

The huge bill was due to Aniston, 40, insisting her hairdresser Chris McMillan accompany her on a week-long trip to Europe.

According to a report in The Courier Mail newspaper, he flew with her from Los Angeles to London in first class last week, at an estimated cost of £14,400 each, then he accompanied her on a private jet trip to Paris for a premiere of her film Marley & Me, racking up another bill for £4000.

They returned to London so Aniston could walk the red carpet at Leicester Square.

On top of this, McMillan was treated to an all-expenses-paid stay at several top hotels for the seven-day visit, at a cost of £10,000.

It is thought that he also charged up to £1500 a day for his tress-teasing expertise, pushing up the bill by another £10,500.

Daily News observed, “The hair guru is responsible for Aniston’s low-key look – a loose center-parted style that most women recreate daily with just a quick blast of the hairdryer and squirt of hairspray.”

To Jennifer, aka Rachel Green: What in the WORLD are you thinking? Next time, consider helping someone out with their mortgage. And it doesn’t have to be any of your fans who have helped you attain the wealth you obviously possess. We’re sure there are a healthy handful of Hollywood buddies of yours who are struggling to make their McMansion mortgage payments these days. If nothing else, a modicum show of frugality will help restore your image and keep you from becoming a “has-been” at the box office. And to tell you the truth, while your hair looks presentable, it looks like your hairstylist has really duped you and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Several sites on the Internet claim the story about Clinton’s haircut on the LA airport tarmac is a myth. Here’s the link to the May 21, 1993 story that was run by the New York Times. The print version of the article originally appeared in print on Friday, May 21, 1993, on section A page 10 of the New York edition. On May 22, 1993, a correction was printed concerning the misspelling of Cristophe’s name in the original article.

UPDATE: May 15, 2009: Links about Michelle Obama’s $540 sneakers now included below…

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One Response to “Conspicuous Consumption: Jennifer Aniston’s $88,000 Hair Style Could’ve Paid off My Mortgage”

  1. Sue says:

    I regularly get compliments for my $15 haircut from strangers asking me where I get my hair cut.

    Like you said, she’s free to spend her money how she wants, but $88,000 is way over the top. How is it that she doesn’t feel guilty about the good that that much money could do? I am no fan of Brad and Angie (I would be happy if I never hear or see them ever again), but Jen could sure take a cue from Angie about making her money work for good.