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Glenn Beck Does the Unthinkable: Asks What Law Permits the Government to Demand AIG Bonuses

Posted By on March 30, 2009

By Vicki McClure Davidson * Frugal Café Blog Zone

I have never been in favor of the AIG employees getting those million-dollar bonuses using taxpayer money. In fact, I’ve been against all the bailouts, even those former Pres. Bush approved.

But how I feel about it is irrelevant. Congress wrote the bills and they were approved. AIG did nothing wrong legally. They followed the dictates of the bailout they were given. AIG had contracts to honor. The employees, many of whom were not involved at all in the failed departments of the huge company and in fact, had a productive year, had rightfully earned them.

The bonuses were protected, per our elected men and women in Congress who specifically wrote language in the bailout bill protecting the bonuses.

AIG is a scapegoat. And Congress is doing the “scaping.”

I say vote out the stupid morons in Washington who wrote that into the bailout; it was primarily majority leaders and cabinet members (Pelosi, Frank, Geithner, Reid, Dodd, Schumer, et al). AIG broke no laws, and in fact, needed the money to fulfill their financial obligations, which I thought was one of the purposes of giving out the bailout monies. The money paid to the employees was only a tiny fraction of the entire multi-billion dollar bailout approved by Congress to give to AIG. So, hey – Congress screwed up and they’re throwing AIG under the bus because election time is drawing near for many of them. They disregarded their original agreement to satisfy angry voters.

Congress is still acting like they all are stricken with soap-opera amnesia, screaming like banshees for several weeks now about how irresponsible and greedy the AIG employees were to take the bonuses promised them, how reprehensible it was for them to take taxpayer monies to pay themselves, blah blah blah. Barney Frank played the role of “sadistic Gestapo interrogator,” wanting names and addresses of AIG bonus recipients from the CEO, with no promise that he wouldn’t release those names and addresses publicly. Many government officials have encouraged or delighted in the harassment of AIG families, including their children, and promptly jumped on revising our US laws to punish them after the fact (i.e., 90 percent retroactive taxation on the bonuses).

It has been a chilling scene unfolding here, unlike any I’ve seen in America by our elected officials. Maybe in Russia or Cuba, but not America.

Glenn Beck Asks CT AG Blumenthal uncomfortable questions about AIG bonuses and Rep. Chris Dodd demanding campaign money from AIG

Glenn Beck Asks CT AG Richard Blumenthal uncomfortable questions about AIG bonuses and Rep. Chris Dodd demanding campaign money from AIG

Talk show host Glenn Beck has had his fill of the hypocrisy of our government. So, today, he asked Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal this: “What law did the AIG break? Under what law are you going after the AIG bonuses?”

Blumenthal has been vehement about getting back all the money that was paid out in AIG bonuses and those to be paid next year. This, despite the fact that Rep. Chris Dodd finally confessed, after bald-faced lying about it, that “someone” (it is presumed by some to have been commanded by Secretary of the Treasury Tim “Tax Cheat” Geithner and/or Pres. Obama) had made him include in the bailout bill the text guaranteeing those very same bonuses. Dodd and Blumenthal are government officials from the same state: Connecticut.

Blumenthal tap-danced and struggled to come up with an answer. Finally, the Attorney General said these six frightening, prophetic words:

“Because they are undeserving of it.”

Oh, boy. This is bad. Really, really bad.

Welcome to the mentality of government leaders in a regime of socialism and totalitarianism. Where a government does not serve or protect its people, but dictates to and punishes its people. Where a government makes up new rules when it suits them, ignores rules that were agreed upon. Where honor doesn’t matter.

Thank you, Glenn, for daring to ask the question that so many of us patriotic Americans, those foolish enough to think a contract is binding, would like to ask our government. Because, if they can deem AIG “undeserving,” the avalanche is just starting. The unleashed grab for power. This won’t stop unless someone squashes them fast. Who else will be determined by our now meddling government as “undeserving” of their wages? Or of their position? Or of what can and cannot be produced by that company?

Big Brother is watching… we need to stop these people. Stop them before they destroy all that is good and great about America.

The mainstream media has been horrible. They’ve ignored the blatant hypocrisy and the fake outrage of Congress, disregarding or downplaying Dodd’s weaselly lying and Geithner’s weaselly lying – two exposed weasels here, how many more are being protected?

Good grief, where is the journalistic tenacity to get to the truth and to make sure our government is held accountable by our journalists? Where is the time-honored duty for news people to inform the public? Where in the heck ARE our newspaper men and women? (Oops, that’s right, most newspapers stopped doing their jobs long ago, hence the folding of so many). The ridiculous AIG witch hunt been a snoozer for them. Instead, they’re wondering what Obama will name his new dog and what he’ll wear in Europe later this week.

Read more at Michelle Malkin’s blog: “Because they are undeserving of it.”

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