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‘Liberal Democrats Control Everything, No Debate’… New NRSC Ad ’60’ for 2010 Election (video)

Posted By on July 8, 2009

Democrat clown Al Franken is new senator from Minnesota... Democrats now have supermajority

Democrat clown Al Franken is new senator from Minnesota... Democrats now have supermajority

With the bitter, hot-tempered (and no longer funny) writer-comedian from Minnesota Al Franken joining the Senate, the liberal Democrats now have the magic number of 60 seats, a supermajority in Congress.

No requisite checks and balances, no bipartisan debate… nothing to stop them from passing more reckless, power-hungry legislation without any input from Republicans and with enough votes to do whatever they damned well please. The only hope is for less radical Democrats in Congress to hear from voters and to take action—those Democrats who recognize the dangerous breakneck speed to government power and socialism (spread the misery equally) this administration is taking to dismantle our Constitution and ruin America. This is not the “hope and change” a slim majority voted for last November.

Contact your senators before the Senate votes on the global warming “tax Americans to death” energy tax bill. Contact them before a SECOND expensive porkulus bill is passed. Make your anger be known before the doomed-to-fail-Americans ObamaCare—his socialist, government-run health care plan—becomes a reality. Email, phone, fax… don’t let up.

You can also get involved before the 2010 elections: visit the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) website. Let’s take America back from the statists.

Supermajority: The Liberal Democrats Have Total Control of Our Country: ’60’

Also, check out this astounding video at Hope for America about Obama’s trip this week to Russia (includes short recap of Al Franken’s qualifications for the Senate) where Obama again revises history: Obama Won’t Admit West Won The Cold War

From January 28, 2009: New York Times: House Passes Stimulus Plan With No G.O.P. Votes

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  1. AFVET says:

    We’re trying, but the one message to send them if and when you get through is this, IF YOU VOTE FOR THIS BILL YOU HAVE LOST YOUR JOB !!!

    2010…WE VOTE AGAIN.