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Americans, Never Lose Sight of Our Heroes and Our Nation’s Greatness

Posted By on August 6, 2009


Some mornings, while you sip that lovely steaming java, you read an online political commentary that so resonates with your own core principles and pride in America and our selfless, brave troops, that you think, “Golly, I wish I’d written that.”

With this current Gestapo-mentality, “Chicago thuggery” oozing from Washington, power-hungry elected Democrats attacking regular Americans for opposing socialized health care at town hall protests and tea parties, an article like this reminds me of why America is so great. America is bigger and shinier and greater than mere mortals… bigger than the likes of Obama, of Pelosi, of Frank, of Reid, of Sebelius, of Emanuel… much bigger than any of those miscreants.

America is us. You and me, our military, our parents, our religious leaders, our kids… America is us.

Michael, your commentary is spot-on and inspiring. Golly, I wish I’d written it.

Here’s a portion of Michael Barone’s thoughtful, fact-driven piece on what is good and right about America… finally.

Rasmussen Reports: Obama Would Stifle Military and Medical Creativity
By Michael Barone
| August 6, 2009

We Americans tend to take the great strengths of our country for granted. In the hubbub of political debate, we concentrate on things that are allegedly wrong with America and lose sight of our great achievements.

We make up only 4 percent of the world’s population. Yet we lead the world in many ways, and the rest of the world — or that part of it not in the thrall of evil regimes — depends on us for many of the things necessary to the good life.

Cases in point: Most people in the rest of the world are free riders on the productivity and ingenuity of the American military and American medicine. They get the benefits of American military protection and American medical innovation without paying, or without paying in full, for them.

This has been the case all through the six decades after the Second World War. The American military has protected democracies from Communist expansion and today protects people all over the world from Islamist extremists. They get this service, if not free of charge, then at reduced rates. American taxpayers have been spending 4 percent of gross domestic product on our military and during the Cold War paid twice that share. NATO and most other allies spend significantly less.

American administrations of both parties have tried to get others to spend. But this is Sisyphus’ work. We are entitled to take pride in the fact that, in the spirit of “From those to whom much is given much is asked,” we are able to do so much for others.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration wants to do less.

Defense has been scheduled for spending cuts. We are halting at lower than scheduled levels production of the F-22 fighter, whose brilliant advanced design is intended to assure American control of the skies for decades to come. The administration also seems to be scaling back missile defense, which could protect friends and allies from nuclear attack and over time might discourage nuclear proliferation…

Frankly, I’m sick to death of hearing how so-called “celebrities” like Sean Penn or Janeane Garofalo or Gwyneth Paltrow or Bill Maher or Rosie O’Donnell embrace socialism, despise most core principles of millions of Americans, and pretty much are indifferent to the valorous protection given by our military in hostile lands. They continue to bash Bush… heads up, guys, Bush has been gone for months. They claim they are anti-war, but no longer protest against it. Bush’s war, protest… Obama’s war, be silent. Allegiance or non-allegiance to military defense shouldn’t be contingent upon who is in Oval Office in the White House. Again, left-wing deceit and hypocrisy. Rather than be sincere (pro or con) about the war effort and our men and women engaged in it, it boils down to shallow political agenda.

Left-wing extremists who screamed for seven years about our war in Iraq (which Congress approved… it wasn’t just Bush, you dolts) being immoral and unjust and maligned Pres. Bush every single day have been strangely (hypocritically) quiet about Obama’s expansion in Afghanistan and his lack of support for Israel.

Believe me, anyone saying “I support the troops, but I don’t support their mission” is akin to saying “I don’t support the troops.” I correspond with many brave folks in the war zones, and that is precisely how the majority feel. It’s like a kick in the stomach to them and their selfless loved ones who miss them and fear for them as they battle tyranny and terrorism. They want America safe, asking for so little in return for their many sacrifices.

They are weary and disheartened of hearing in the MSM about the crappy, spoiled-brat rantings of wealthy entertainers who produce nothing of real substantive value.

Not all are this self-absorbed and ungrateful. Read about one celebrity who is a true troop supporter: actor Gary Sinise, star of the TV drama CSI: New York.

To all you Americans who embrace our nation, who love it despite its flaws and applaud it for all its greatness, to those of you “in the theater” and “in the sandbox” who are valiantly fighting for freedom, I’ll quote talk radio show host Sean Hannity’s daily mantra: Let not your heart be troubled.

We salute America’s REAL celebrities: our military, as well as our nation’s police forces and our fire fighters.

Here’s another hero of a different sort. Excellent essay at Big Hollywood on a former actor turned animal saint:
Robert Davi, Big Hollywood: Burnt Offering: Leo Grillo Defines What Makes America Great

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