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Nearing the Socialist Rat Hole… Obama’s Radical Past: Sean Hannity’s Disturbing POTUS Exposé (6-part video)

Posted By on August 17, 2009

San Francisco ObamaCare Protest, August 14, 2009

San Francisco ObamaCare Protest, August 14, 2009

For those just waking up to the socialist rat hole that Barack Obama and his cronies are trying to yank America into and then plunge down, these videos will stun you.

For those Americans who were paying attention since before the election in November 2008, so many of us already knew most of this, or had many uncomfortable suspicions about Obama’s connection to radical Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, Obama’s mysterious missing college years, Obama’s upbringing, Rev. Wright, and other puzzling or disturbing things that the mainstream media refused to contemplate, explore, or challenge.

Instead, they vilified and ripped apart then-GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, a fresh-faced newcomer to the national scene and to American voters, and an accomplished state governor. They went for her jugular and did everything imaginable to destroy her for having the bloody audacity of bringing up Obama’s association with terrorists and Ayers and to challenge the applicable skill level of Sen. Obama to be president. Many called her a liar, a whore, a racist, and an imbecile for connecting the dots and saying what so many others on the Hill wouldn’t say about then-Senator Obama’s secret past life and not-so-secret associations.

As we all know, 51% of American voters wouldn’t listen or didn’t care. Many still don’t do either.

Many congressional leaders in the GOP party put on their blinders (and stubbornly still have them on). No curiosity, GOP, about any of this troubling information about POTUS? Still think Palin’s a stupid kook, despite her stunning declaration about the ObamaCare “death panels for the elderly” last week that ultimately prompted a number of pages to be withdrawn from the mammoth document by Democrats? Yeah, she’s doing YOUR job anymore these days, you lazy sons-of-guns in DC.

Daniel Oliver’s written a great piece for American Spectator: Richard Cohen’s Wild Moose Chase. Here’s the opening:

Liberals are getting worried now. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has played the McCarthy card against Sarah Palin.

Sarah was RIGHT about the “death panels” (great term, not expressed as such in the bill, but painfully memorable – good job, Sarah). Can’t wait to see what she exposes next week… maybe you guys in Congress ought to START READING it the ObamaCare bill.

Score one for Sarah. Excellent blog post commentaries on Palin’s savvy, effortless “stab to the heart” blow to ObamaCare and yet another attempt to understand why leftists and statists hate Palin so much: Pundit & Pundette: Thanks to Sarah Palin and VDH on Palin and why they hate her.

This special documentary/exposé aired on Sean Hannity’s show in October 2008. Rumor out there is that these videos may get pulled from YouTube, so watch them quickly, download them to your hard drives, and send links to this post to anyone and everyone you care about to also have see these (divided into six parts here… be sure to watch all six, although each part stands alone by itself well). Knowledge is power… arm yourselves well.

It’s chilling information, kids… like in Arctic, global-winter, down-to-the-bone chilling.

ObamaCare will be the definitive bullet that will rip capitalism apart, destroy the foundation of our country, dismantle our Constitution, and toss us all down the socialist rat hole of misery.

Have you gotten or read your copies of either of these conservative best-sellers by Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin yet?
Conservative Books Sizzling Hot: Malkin and Levin Hold Top Two Spots on NYT Bestsellers List

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 15, 2009: These videos were yanked off YouTube. I will see if can locate replacements.

Replacements have been located and embedded. Should these “disappear” again, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks to reader Jayne for the notification on the previous disappearance.

Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 1 of 6
Obama’s College Years


Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 2 of 6
Community Organizer


Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 3 of 6
William Ayers & Weather Underground


Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 4 of 6
Rev. Jeremiah Wright


Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 5 of 6


Sean Hannity – Obama & Friends, History of Radicalism, part 6 of 6



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10 Responses to “Nearing the Socialist Rat Hole… Obama’s Radical Past: Sean Hannity’s Disturbing POTUS Exposé (6-part video)”

  1. RoxannaDanna says:

    Oh… Well done!
    Great Blog, Vicki!


  2. RoxannaDanna says:

    How do I download these to my computer to save them, Vicki? I’m not sure how to do it.

    I remember watching this stuff last year on Fox but I want to keep them forever.


    • admin says:

      Roxy –

      Several sites that I’ve used to convert/save YouTube videos to my hard drive. They need to be converted from flv format that YouTube uses to avi (can also be converted to a few other formats): is usually busy through the day, but I’ve had luck early mornings or late evenings. The connection breaks often (at least for me), so patience is a virtue. is kinda weird (emails the finished video to you, and there are time limits).

      There are several others out there that do a good job, but these are the ones I’ve used. To check out others, type “flv converter” in the Google or Yahoo search engine field. Don’t pay for the service… there are plenty of free ones out in Cyberland that will do the job.

      Hope that helps!

  3. AFVET says:

    Sarah is spot on on her “death panel” comments.
    She has the gift of getting to the point, and communicating so effectively, using so few words, that anyone with a brain can immediately understand what she says.
    Ronald Reagan would be proud of her.

    MM’s book is fantastically informative, I’m reading it now.

    Heard the radio say this morning that there is now a “diversity czar” aligned with the FCC to promote moderation of broadcast content. Always the freaking deception,
    and misdirection.
    Any fines for non-compliance will be awarded to NPR.

    Vicki,… anything to this ?

    Great Post as always !

    • admin says:

      Thanks, AFVET.

      “Moderation” is in the eye of the beholder. Since every liberal talk radio program has failed miserably (unless George Soros keeps pumping in millions to keep the rickety dinghy afloat), the obvious intended target is conservative radio and religious programming. Only radio falls under this new umbrella… and that’s because there is growing strength (and hugely growing listenership) in those who opine conservative principles and denounce socialism. Many liberals who have started listening suddenly realize the sham of statism/liberalism, and are turning away from the empty promises and mammoth government that is always the offspring of such ideologies. These programs survive because of supply and demand, economic principles that made our nation great. No government handouts, no government endorsements. All conservative radio stations also have taken Republicans to task… just read the archives on any of them about their dissatisfaction or shock over things Republicans have done. Where is the outrage or even mild dissent about ANYTHING Obama has done? The media, for the most part, is still in lock-step like robots, like the Stepford Wives. Scary and creepy.

      The FCC and “diversity czar” need to be watched by us all. Not just conservatives… freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by our Constitution to ALL. Liberal columnists and MSM will not be held accountable for the attacks, lies, and hate they’ve spewed against Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, and other moderates and conservatives. It will be a one-way street, and conservatives, if complacent and silent, will be run over by the BHO bus. Hate speech accusations will be directed at those who oppose the government, much like that which goes on in Cuba, Venezuela, the old USSR. Tyranny.

      The FCC and the “diversity czar” are both funded by taxpayer dollars, but appear that they will only serve those who share the opinions and agendas of the White House. I’ve been watching the “media diversity” panel since its inception soon after BHO’s inauguration. Not a single conservative is on the panel. Where’s the diversity? The back door method that will be used to silence conservative opinions won’t be as blatant as the previous Fairness Doctrine. It will be through radio station ownership, mandating that government-selected minorities be in charge. At least, that’s how it was presented some months ago. It may have been altered, now that the climate of the country has been taking a more vocal “right turn.”

      We need to be watchful and not let the government stranglehold and squash dissension/differing viewpoints. Protection of free speech on radio is one of the only arenas for conservative thought to be expressed. National TV news (except FOX) and newspapers are all in this administration’s hip pocket.

      • AFVET says:

        As Bill Clinton said during the campaign, Obama is Chicago thug politics.
        This is what we’re seeing.

        Their machine tried to destroy Sarah Palin, not!
        They are afraid of her and us Conservatives.

        Never underestimate the backbone of America.

        I understand that they are going to attack the ownership of these companies, profitable companies.
        Problem is, they make too much money, money that can be channeled to the government coffers. and they are going to attempt to take it thru “policy”.

        The other problem that the libs have is that their numbers are receding. What, you mean people are starting to pay attention to Washington ?

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  5. Jayne Gohr says:

    When I click on the video’s they have all been removed – can I find them elsewhere? Jayne

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Jayne… this has been happening a lot lately with videos that are uncomplimentary to POTUS. I will see what I can do to locate others.