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MS-NBC = My Socialist National Barack Channel… Red Eye on MS-NBC’s Race War with Its “Fishy Editing” (video)

Posted By on August 22, 2009


Crazy, crazy week… so many questions as a result. Does MS-NBC want to create a “race war”?

Does the worst TV news station in America decapitate all people in the news footage they tape, or only when videotaping black men carrying guns at ObamaCare protest rallies?

Is it true that Don Imus once told MS-NBC’s Contessa Brewer, the station’s idiotic left-wing propagandist, that she had a big butt?

And, most importantly, does the station’s call letters stand for “My Socialist National Barack Channel”?

Yes, I DO want to know…

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld: Does MS-NBC want a race war? “Fishy” editing of black man with gun suggests they do | August 2009


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