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White House Imbalance: Team Obama’s Czars (Too Many) vs. Vetted Team Top Players (Too Few)

Posted By on August 24, 2009


With an unprecedented number of Obama-appointed czars in place (more than 45, I’ve lost count), the number of government top players appointed to established policy-making positions is way behind schedule.

Too many czars, far too few vetted program secretaries. It has many in DC puzzled.

Obama’s Team Is Lacking Most of Its Top Players
New York Times

By Peter Baker | August 23, 2009

WASHINGTON — As President Obama tries to turn around a summer of setbacks, he finds himself still without most of his own team. Seven months into his presidency, fewer than half of his top appointees are in place advancing his agenda.

Of more than 500 senior policymaking positions requiring Senate confirmation, just 43 percent have been filled — a reflection of a White House that grew more cautious after several nominations blew up last spring, a Senate that is intensively investigating nominees and a legislative agenda that has consumed both.

While career employees or holdovers fill many posts on a temporary basis, Mr. Obama does not have his own people enacting programs central to his mission. He is trying to fix the financial markets but does not have an assistant treasury secretary for financial markets. He is spending more money on transportation than anyone since Dwight D. Eisenhower but does not have his own inspector general watching how the dollars are used. He is fighting two wars but does not have an Army secretary.

He sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Africa to talk about international development but does not have anyone running the Agency for International Development. He has invited major powers to a summit on nuclear nonproliferation but does not have an assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation.

“If you’re running G.M. without half your senior executives in place, are you worried? I’d say your stockholders would be going nuts,” said Terry Sullivan, a professor at the University of North Carolina and executive director of the White House Transition Project, a scholarly program that tracks appointments. “The notion of the American will — it’s not being thwarted, but it’s slow to come to fruition.”

Mrs. Clinton expressed the exasperation of many in the administration last month when she was asked by A.I.D. employees why they did not have a chief. “The clearance and vetting process is a nightmare,” she told them. “And it takes far longer than any of us would want to see. It is frustrating beyond words.”

The process of assembling a new administration has frustrated presidents for years, a point brought home when George W. Bush received the now-famous memorandum titled “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike U.S.” eight years ago this month but still did not have most of his national security team in place when planes smashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

All parties vowed to fix the process, and Mr. Obama has a more intact national security team than his predecessor at this point. But even in this area, vital offices remain open. No Obama appointee is running the Transportation Security Administration, the Customs and Border Protection agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Mr. Obama still does not have an intelligence chief at the Department of Homeland Security, nor a top civilian in charge of military readiness at the Pentagon.

Mr. Obama is far enough along in his presidency that some early appointees are already leaving even before the last of the first round have assumed their posts. Among those who have left already is the person charged with filling the empty offices, Donald H. Gips, who quit as presidential personnel director to go to South Africa as ambassador last month.

The consequences can be felt in small ways and large — from the extra work for appointees on the job to the slowdown of policy reviews and development. For example, Mr. Obama’s promised cybersecurity initiative to improve coordination among government agencies and the private sector has stalled while he looks for someone to lead it.

“There’s every reason to be concerned,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader. “The president deserves to have his full complement of staff in the different agencies.”


Measuring the progress in appointments depends on what positions are counted and who is doing the counting. The White House Transition Project counts 543 policymaking jobs requiring Senate confirmation in four top executive ranks. As of last week, Mr. Obama had announced his selections for 319 of those positions, and the Senate had confirmed 236, or 43 percent of the top echelon of government.


No matter how the counting is done, though, hundreds of senior positions remain empty with 15 percent of Mr. Obama’s term over. While appointments linger, those jobs are generally filled with acting officials — and the White House says that has not slowed its ability to effect change.


Blame is being freely passed around. After several early nominees were discovered to have failed to pay some taxes, the White House tightened its vetting. The Senate Finance Committee has a former Internal Revenue Service official helping to go through many nominees’ taxes. And Republican senators are holding up nominees like John McHugh for Army secretary to influence what happens to the detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

The Finance Committee argued that fault lay elsewhere. Scott Mulhauser, a spokesman for the panel, said it had approved 14 of 16 nominees whose paperwork was received before July. But officials said the process had become so intrusive that many candidates declined to be considered.

“Anyone who has gone through it or looked at this process will tell you that every administration it gets worse and it gets more cumbersome,” Mrs. Clinton said last month. “And some very good people, you know, just didn’t want to be vetted.” She added: “You have to hire lawyers, you have to hire accountants. I mean, it is ridiculous.”

From happyscrapper’s comment on Michelle Malkin’s blog:

He has already vetted everyone he can think of and they all failed the stink test. That is why he has all those csars…they don’t have to go through the vetting. Most of the positions don’t have to be filled because he already has it covered by his csars. And meanwhile, the doofuses who voted for this guy continue to zone out on reality TV and think everything is just ducky. They won’t realize they have been screwed until they find out they aren’t getting their free plasma TV like obama promised.

And a comment from Marshall Russ:

This lack of appointees is a good thing when you factor in his radical leftist appointments so far.

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7 Responses to “White House Imbalance: Team Obama’s Czars (Too Many) vs. Vetted Team Top Players (Too Few)”

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  2. AFVET says:

    This scenario is fascinating.
    IMO Obama is starting to run out of crooks, tax cheats, and cronies to supply his staff.

    Honest Americans wouldn’t touch this administration with a ten foot pole.
    We are seeing him go down in flames on popularity and credibility.

    The reconciliation procedure submitted by Reid for the health care bill is unconstitutional.
    The procedure is only to be used to balance the federal budget.
    If the senate invokes the reconciliation procedure when they are back in session, for the health care bill, the American People will know once and for all that the congress has no respect for our Constitution. We already know Obama couldn’t care less about what the Constitution says.
    It’s all about his agenda, and his “legacy”.

    At this point I don’t see any legs in his legacy.

    • admin says:

      Well said, AFVET. You always have your hand on the pulse of conservative commentary.

      • AFVET says:

        The cadre of czars he has in place, with NO Congressional oversight, scares the hell out of me.
        Pelosi/Reid/the congress will become incidental.

        In Obama’s world, who needs them!

        I think Obama is strutting his stuff because he has in place an executive branch that can virtually eliminate the voice of the American People, i.e. Congress.

        The Founders of this Country set this system up for a reason, and Obama is destroying the balance at every turn employing crooks and thieves on our dime.

        The Giant has awakened and is becoming more informed by the hour.
        Conservative radio and TV are his greatest enemy. He will attempt to eliminate them,
        and the internet is next.

        Love the blog !!!

      • admin says:

        Thanks, AFVET, and I really appreciate the passionate opinions and ideas you bring to the table. They always enhance the posts.

        God bless!

  3. Margaret says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  4. Nicki says:

    Czars are scary. Czars with no vetting or Congressional approval are very scary and probably unconstitutional. Obama does not have the foggiest idea of what he is doing – or maybe he knows exactly what he is doing and that is VERY, VERY SCARY.