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Rasmussen: Majority of Americans Believe Nobel Peace Prize Politically Influenced, Europeans React to Obama’s Controversial Win (video)

Posted By on October 14, 2009


From a new poll from Rasmussen Reports:

Americans are much more skeptical of the motivation behind the awarding of the prestigious international Nobel Prizes following President Obama’s win Friday of the Nobel Peace Prize.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% of American adults now believe that politics plays a role in the awarding of the Nobel Prize.

Three previous US presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Woodrow Wilson [liberal Democrat], Franklin D. Roosevelt [liberal Democrat], and Jimmy Carter [liberal Democrat]. Never has a Republican president been awarded the prize… not even Ronald Reagan, despite all his efforts (not just lofty talk and a teleprompter, but real work) internationally that eventually brought down the insidious Berlin Wall. No wonder so many Americans are suspicious of the political motivations and leanings of the awarding of the Nobel prize.

Europeans’ reactions to Obama’s win…

CNN: Majority of Europeans React Negatively to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize | October 2009


Some online reactions on day of announcement…

CNN: Online Reaction to Obama Winning Nobel Prize


Commentary from Kenya TV…

Kenya TV: Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Obama | October 2009


From Personal Liberty Digest, Barack’s Ignoble Award:

Well, now it’s official. Barack Hussein Obama has just won the highest honor that the elitists of the international left can bestow on one of their own.

His very own Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine that!

And what has our president done to deserve this lofty honor? Why, in the words of an infamous “Saturday Night Live” sketch, nothing, absolutely nothing. I’ll come back to that hilarious skit in a moment. But first, let’s look a little closer at the curious timing of Obama’s award.

Did you know that the Nobel Committee’s own regulations require that all nominations be postmarked by Feb. 1? This means that—if the rules were followed—Barack Obama was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize a mere 12 days after he was sworn into office.

Twelve days in office and he’s already being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize? Give me a break! Does anyone anywhere really believe that this is how it actually happened?

Let me suggest something that strikes me as incredibly obvious: The Nobel Committee broke its own rules to give Obama the award. Can’t you imagine a committee meeting with someone shouting the Norwegian equivalent of “Rules? Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.”

And of course it’s true. When it comes to honoring one of their own, and advancing the cause of their dubious socialist schemes, the elitists of the international left don’t need no stinkin’ rules. They can do whatever they want. That’s why they hate the very idea of being bound down by the chains of a constitution. These power-hungry sycophants always and everywhere love monopolies and dictatorships, so long as it’s one of their own who is in charge. That’s why they are so enraptured with the United Nations.

But I digress. The plain and simple fact is that this year’s selection was rigged. This is far from the first time that the noble idea of a “peace prize” was prostituted to serve the ignoble ambitions of the left.

Do you remember in 1994, when the Nobel Committee gave the honor to a thief and murderer named Yasser Arafat? It’s true that Arafat shared the award with the then-prime minister and foreign minister of Israel. But still, giving a “peace” prize to the father of modern terrorism? Arafat gloated about using the most heinous murder of innocent civilians to advance his aims.

Oh, by the way, he also stole tens of millions of dollars from the very Palestinians he supposedly led to finance a life of luxury on the French Riviera and various world capitals. In a sane world, he would have been tried for murder and executed.

Instead, he was the most frequent visitor to Bill Clinton’s White House among all so-called world leaders. What a travesty.

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  3. ishtarmuz says:

    People’s memory is not only short, but tends to conform to what they believe should be true. When things don’t happen the way they think they should, they come up with all sorts of self-serving reasons why they didn’t.

    Why doesn’t the President deserve the Nobel Prize? For half the country it is only because they did not vote for him, did not believe he could win and have been told repeatedly that he is something he is not. The cognitive dissonance here is so loud many would prefer believing aliens as an explanation rather than confronting reality.

    If you want the real history behind the prize, then read my short piece on it on my blog.

    • admin says:

      The president hasn’t done ANYTHING to have earned the Nobel Peace Prize. And many people who feel that way are Democrats who did vote for him, or people in other countries who have been keeping tabs on what is going on with Obama and analyzed who else was on the list. The prize was awarded to him for what he might do… utter nonsense. It has nothing to do with “short memories,” as you put it.

      The prize is political and has been for decades. To think otherwise is naive. Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall… no prize. More than 100 people who have been active in peace activities for years were on the short-list for the Nobel this year, no prize. Giving Obama the prize for what he “might” accomplish in the name of peace is like giving Sean Penn an Oscar today for a film performance he might give in a few years. It demeans the prize and those who have won it who were worthy of winning it.

  4. […] think it more prestigious, yet think it is biased. Some would actually have you entertain this as true even though they don’t know the difference between Republican Theodore Roosevelt […]