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Chic to Be Cheap… Halloween Fashion DIY: Make Your Own Fairy Wings (video)

Posted By on October 24, 2009


Halloween is quickly approaching…

Buying a pair of fairy wings for a Halloween costume can cost a hefty amount of cash.

Here are a few video demos to show you how you can make your own fairy wings. The easiest and most inexpensive fairy wings are shown in the first video, where Corinne from ThreadBanger demonstrates how to make them from recycled materials. The others that follow are more intricate and will cost more in time and supplies.

How to Make Recycled Fairy Wings | ThreadBanger


Note on the ThreadBanger video: I’ve seen inexpensive colored tights for sale at the dollar stores. These would give you a variety of colors from which to choose, not just stockings in brown or black tones. If you’re not all that “crafty,” and don’t have glitter on hand, ask your more craft-oriented friends or family members if you can use some of their glitter. Rather than invest in something you may not ever use again, this is a frugal alternative. I’ve not ever known a craft person who wasn’t totally happy to give up a generous bit from their arsenal of craft materials to someone else. You’d be flabbergasted to see how many craft supplies some people have stashed away in cupboards and closets.


Cosplay/Costume Wing Tutorial


Gwyneth Rees Makes Fairy Wings


You likely won’t be making these extravagant Victoria’s Secret angel wings for Halloween, but this is fun to watch and may give you some ideas on creating and customizing your own Halloween wings.

Creating the Famous Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings – Part 1


Creating the Famous Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings – Part 2


You might want to check out this easy-to-follow tutorial at Squidoo on how to make a fairy costume.

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