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Sen. Barbara Boxer: Power Grab & Rules Breaking: Forces Cap-and-Trade Climate Bill thru Committee without 1 Republican Present, Will Cost Americans Billions (video)

| November 6, 2009

Figures that this rule-breaking garbage is yet another one of Barbara Boxer’s moments of senatorial shame. Rules are meant to be followed by our Senate leaders, Babs, including you… otherwise, why even have the bloody things? From Motor City Times, Barbra Boxer Pushes Global Warming Tax Bill Out Of Senate Committee Without A Single Republican […]

Hitler’s Boyhood Home in Austria for Sale? Hitler Was Once a Young Boy?

| November 6, 2009

I never think about Adolf Hitler having once been a little boy. I never picture him playing with little friends, hugging his mother, chasing butterflies, skipping stones. Never. I know he was child once, having seen the strange “Hitler-gets-cloned” flick The Boys from Brazil many years ago. But I guess I normally imagine that the […]

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