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Obama’s Disintegrating Economy: Worst Unemployment, at 10.2%, Since 1983… Obama Takes a Mini-Vacation, Still Hasn’t Gone to Fort Hood (video) UPDATE: He Went to Ft. Hood, Finally

| November 7, 2009

The unemployment numbers have risen yet again and are frightening. Pres. Obama’s disintegrating economy… the worst unemployment numbers in our nation, at 10.2 percent, since 1983. Under-employment spikes those numbers up to a horrific 17.5 percent. The worst economy in decades, and where, pray tell, is Pres. Obama right now? Taking a nice little weekend […]

More Gotcha! Obama Accidentally Applauds Bill Owens’ Lies to NY Voters about Voting on PelosiCare, Pulled “Fast One” on NY-23 — UPDATE: Bush Visits Ft. Hood, Obama Takes R&R at Camp David

| November 7, 2009

From TCOT Report: From the start of his campaign on August 10 until an election eve debate on October 30, Owens adamantly opposed the type of public option that is contained in HR 3962, the Pelosi bill the House is voting on later today. Owens announced qualified support for the “current bill” in an October […]

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