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After Getting Heat for Snubbing Fall of Berlin Wall Anniversary Celebration… Obama Beams Video of Himself to Germany

| November 9, 2009

Remarkable age we live in. Remarkable in that the technology at our fingertips can sorta-kinda make amends for political gaffes and narcissistic snubs. After receiving a great deal of criticism from all political sides (including those on the other side of the pond) on Pres. Barack Obama’s decision to blow off the 20th anniversary celebration […]

Traitor: The Fort Hood Shooter and His Al Qaeda Terrorist Communications

| November 9, 2009

The bloody attack on Fort Hood was no spontaneous accident, was no pitiful “people called me a camel jockey” emotional snap of unleashed violence by an unhappy, unbalanced Muslim. Army Major Nidal Hasan is a traitor to the United States and is a proven al Qaeda ally, potentially al Qaeda member. ABC News: Officials: U.S. […]

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