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Out of the Loop: FBI Officials Weren’t Notified About Terrorist Suspect Hasan’s “Cop Killer” Gun Purchase in August

| November 10, 2009

Army Major Nidal Hasan reportedly bought a “cop killer” gun in August. His terrorist attack on the soldiers at Fort Hood is not looking so spontaneous as left-wingers are trying to paint it. Also of concern is that the FBI was not notified of Hasan’s gun purchase, even though his terrorist ties were not new. […]

Hair Washing and ‘Miami Vice’: Obama’s Busted on Ducking Out of the Berlin Wall Anniversary with His “Too Busy” Excuse

| November 10, 2009

  Back during my mom’s day, if a young woman didn’t want to go on a date with a guy, she’d often make an excuse, telling him she had to “wash her hair.” Pre- and post-WWII hair-washing must have been a tedious ordeal, because I’ve heard this lame excuse uttered in many a classic B&W […]

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