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NYC Will Be a Living Hell During 9-11 Terrorist Mastermind’s Travesty of a Civilian Trial, Thanks to Obama

| November 13, 2009

I remember the horrors of 9/11. You remember the horrors of 9/11. Does Socialist in Chief Barack Obama remember the horrors of 9/11? I mean, REALLY remember the horrors, the devastation and deaths of thousands of innocent Americans brought on by that Muslim terrorist attack eight years ago? Remember the unfathomable, stomach-wrenching fear we all […]

Sarah Palin: Says To Her Facebook Friends “Keep Your Powder Dry,” Leftist Media Going WILD to Rip Her Book ‘Going Rogue’ to Shreds

| November 13, 2009

The leftwing media jackals and hyenas are positioned… a new Palin attack is poised to rip Sarah Palin’s memoirs to shreds. I’m sure many of the scathing reviews were written a week or two ago. Why wait until the book is available to review it, right? Hate is hate, and no matter what Palin’s book […]

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