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Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Shocking Decision Is Dangerous, Irresponsible to Try 9-11 Terrorists As Common Criminals in NYC (video)

| November 14, 2009

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 20, 2009… Obama now throws AG Eric Holder under the proverbial bus: Gateway Pundit: Weak. Obama Says It Was Holder’s Decision to Send Terrorists to New York For Trial (Video) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bravo, Rudy Giuliani, bravo. Let Obama have it with both barrels for his idiotic, dangerous plan to get the Muslim world to […]

Sarah Palin Extends Hand of Family to Levi Johnston for Thanksgiving Dinner… He Bites It

| November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving is the time for thanks, for family. Even if a member of that family is a deceitful, classless weasel who is the darling of the left-wing media. “Darling” because Levi Johnston is always leaping at the chance to diss Sarah Palin in public if there is a mic in front of his face and/or […]

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