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Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Shocking Decision Is Dangerous, Irresponsible to Try 9-11 Terrorists As Common Criminals in NYC (video)

Posted By on November 14, 2009

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 20, 2009… Obama now throws AG Eric Holder under the proverbial bus:
Gateway Pundit: Weak. Obama Says It Was Holder’s Decision to Send Terrorists to New York For Trial (Video)


Bravo, Rudy Giuliani, bravo. Let Obama have it with both barrels for his idiotic, dangerous plan to get the Muslim world to love him by trying 9-11 terrorists in a NYC civilian trial… this is a travesty and a disgusting betrayal of our country and its laws.

Terrorists do not have the same rights as civilians. They do not, as soldiers of war, have the same protections in our civilian courts as civilians do. Trying them as though they are garden-variety criminals is insane and wrong. It is despicable that they will be brought to New York City, a constant target already for terrorism, where these Islamic madmen killed thousands of innocent Americans on September 11, 2001.

Hope and change, boys and girls. Did the libs have any idea what in the hell they were voting for with this pompous, irresponsible, clueless ass? Political correctness at its worse… screw the safety of New York.

And it’s going to get worse. Obama hasn’t even been in office a full year yet.

FOX: Rudy Giuliani on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial in NYC (1 of 2)


FOX: Rudy Giuliani on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial in NYC (2 of 2)


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4 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Shocking Decision Is Dangerous, Irresponsible to Try 9-11 Terrorists As Common Criminals in NYC (video)”

  1. […] Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Shocking Decision Is Dangerous, Irresponsible to try 9-11 Terrorist As … […]

  2. […] Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Shocking Decision Is Dangerous, Irresponsible to Try 9-11 Terrorists As Com… […]

  3. Jack says:

    Since his transferring the 9/11 Terrorist case to the US Criminal Court in NYC now manifests, as nothing has to date, that Obama is, or is acting as, Commander-in-Chief of a Fifth Column rather than of the United States of America, Robert Bauer’s becoming White House Counsel is more than pivotal as to Obama’s legal representation in the only remaining Constitutional Eligibility case (for damages by Keyes), Keyes v. Obama, USDC, CA — that is, the only remaining Obama Constitutional case addressing the dual loyalties prohibition under the Article 2 “natural born citizen” (two citizen parents) requirement inserted in the Constitution to avert the very threat manifested by Obama’s latest 9/11 actions.

    Assuming the Alan Keyes suit or cause of action for tort fraud against Candidate (Pre-President) Obama survives in Judge Carter’s court (e.g., leave to file second amended complaint), Bauer, in his official Government capacity as White House Counsel (as well as the Justice Dept. for that matter) cannot appropriately represent Obama in a Government capacity.

    Although service of process on Obama occurred the day before the 1/21/09 valid Oath of Office, even if service occurred after Oath of Office, Obama would not have Presidential immunity for personal torts. (Any Presidential immunity is even less than Congressional immunity.)

  4. AFVET says:

    Jack, your comment is most interesting.
    I see the trip to Asia, bowing to the Emperor of Japan, as yet another distraction for the American People.
    The videos are already all over the net, yet behind the scenes he is manipulating the machine that essentially put him into office.
    The watchdogs like you and many others will keep us apprised as to what is going on behind the “curtain”.
    If he can eliminate any opposition, which he has done before, will he maintain his seat?
    I think not.