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Presidential Approval Index? Don’t Ask… Still Double Digits Negative for a Boatload of Reasons, Including Pearl Harbor & Bush Bashing (video)

| November 15, 2009

Japan isn’t going all that well, from an American patriot’s point of view. But then, neither is Obama’s presidential approval index. Maybe the president could improve his approval with American voters by not racking up the biggest federal deficit in the history of our country, by not bringing Muslim terrorists to America, by not blowing […]

Obama Bows in Japan… Quick, Distract from Obama’s Latest Stupid Blunder by Attacking Palin’s Book!

| November 15, 2009

Bow wow. Quick, left-wingers… leap into Distraction Mode. Slam, deride, mock, insult Sarah Palin and her new book to distract the American people from noticing the following eye-roller about our “Joke in Chief” president in Japan (why is there no International Protocol Czar? This guy really needs help when there’s no teleprompter). Sky News: Obama’s […]

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