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Michigan Militia Has Resurgence: Distrusts Where Nation Is Going, Lack of Adherence to Constitution (video)

| November 16, 2009

As more far-left, socialist mandates pour out of Washington, more Americans are becoming alarmed and angry with the radical direction of our nation. Many are concerned about the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. The Michigan Militia is not sitting back. From Michigan News: Michigan Militia featured on CNN as example of growing distrust […]

SNL Review: Joe Biden Parody Just Not That Funny, and Taylor Swift’s Monologue Song (video)

| November 16, 2009

Sorry, Crazy Joe… you’re just not bringing in the laughs anymore. And SNL is either too lazy or too afraid to spoof Pres. Obama very often. Which is a cryin’ shame, because POTUS was BORN to be spoofed. Just his protocol blunders this past week in Asia could be a hilarious skit. Bowing, anyone? I […]

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