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ACORN Child Sex Sting in Los Angeles: Why Is ACORN Being Protected by Attorney Generals Holder and Brown? Breitbart Will Release More Tapes if No Investigation (video)

| November 21, 2009

With the exposure this week of ACORN’s corruption in Los Angeles (making it seven offices total), it is appalling, but not surprising, that Attorney General Eric Holder is still doing nothing to investigate ACORN. AG Jerry Brown of California, who had reportedly launched an investigation into ACORN’s nefarious doings back in October and suddenly stopped […]

What Do Fat and Pork Have in Common? More Government ‘Stimulus’ Spending!

| November 21, 2009

Hey, Joe Biden, we found some of the missing porkulus funds you’ve squandered while you were allegedly keeping watch on taxpayers’ money… stimulus money is being used for studying the possibilities of Team Obama taxing FAT. With this Obama administration, if something hasn’t yet been taxed, it’s only a matter of time. There’s irony in […]

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