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Obama’s Golf-Course Dithering and Hollywood Party Delay Action, So Marines in Afghanistan Not Waiting for POTUS… Also, Taliban Terrorists Want Obama to Cut Them a Deal

| November 24, 2009

Nothing surprises me much anymore about this socialist, frat-boy president. Wish I could say I was stunned or shocked (and, well, I am, a little), but more so, I’m saddened by how little our troops and conquering terrorism in Afghanistan mean to Barack Obama. He is called “President Pantywaist” in the UK for a reason… […]

Fort Bragg Loves Sarah Palin, Also Visits Rev. Billy Graham (video)

| November 24, 2009

Despite the Obama-bot fringe media’s ongoing attempt to lambaste and diminish Sarah Palin’s impact on the American people (having ex-convict and home decorating pundit Martha Stewart bash her is just too darned funny), the Going Rogue book signing tour is bringing out thousands of people from all walks of life. Palin visited Fort Bragg in […]

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