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November Quotables Round-up… On Pres. Barack Obama

| November 28, 2009

Assorted quotes that were posted on the web or broadcast during November 2009 about Pres. Barack Obama. There are thousands upon thousands more… another time, another place. This first set in the round-up was compiled and posted on Enter Stage Right: Lingua publica: Posted November 23, 2009 “In the string of amazing decisions made during […]

Black Friday Sounds “Racist,” Per Idiot Loudmouth Leftist Joy Behar

| November 28, 2009

Another you gotta be kidding moment… ABC’s The View’s leftist-wacko Joy Behar has now tried to wave the racist flag during the holidays. Whoopi Goldberg’s split-second look when Joy opened her mouth and shoved in her foot, claiming that Black Friday and other terms that include the word “black” are “bad”, was withering. Some people […]

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