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War on Christmas: Best Buy Flunks for Its “Happy Eid al-Adha,” Bans “Merry Christmas” in After-Thanksgiving Christmas Ads

| November 29, 2009

It happens every year… it’s retailers’ reliable “War on Christmas.” Too many retailers are more than happy to enjoy the Christmas bonanza… big bucks flowing with all that Yuletide cha-ching Christmas gift shopping and Christmas gift-giving and Christmas cards and Christmas dinners with all the trimmings. But many won’t permit use of the word “Christmas” […]

‘Tis the Season… for Bashing and Banning Christmas: Victory for Atheists in Washington? (video)

| November 29, 2009

Every year, atheists become louder and more hateful in their protests against religious displays, especially against Christian symbols of Christmas, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. I have yet to hear about any atheist protests against Muslims or Buddhists. Maybe they’re out there in droves and I’ve just missed it… but when it comes to […]

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