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What in the Heck Is Going on with Tiger Woods? Cancels Golf Tournament & Cancels Meeting with State Troopers for Third Time

| November 30, 2009

This unfolding story about Tiger Woods, his wife Elin, his SUV accident outside his home in Florida, and now his canceled participation in his own Chevron World Challenge golf tournament, keeps getting weirder. And more suspicious. Yeah, it’s my gut speaking here. I adore Tiger Woods… but this whole thing has that queasy wrong-wrong-wrong feeling […]

ClimateGate’s Lies and Deception to Hide the Decline: The Heat’s On, Dump the Data!

| November 30, 2009

Watch any cop show. When the bad guys are being pursued by law enforcement in a high-speed chase or an extensive investigation, the first thing those ne’er-do-wells do is dump the damning evidence. A gun used in a killing, a stash of drugs, a kidnap victim, a stolen car, embezzlement evidence… you name it, the […]

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