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Recycled Fashion Innovation: Old Seat Belts Get Second Life as Cool Handbags

Posted By on December 21, 2009

Old seatbelts get a second life as handbags

Old seatbelts get a second life as handbags

Most of the “recycled fashion” items I’ve seen usually are a bit on the wacky-tacky side, but I’m really impressed with this one.

These handbags and purses are a bit pricey (the bags average between $45 and $175), but they look rather cool and I’m sure, because they’re made from the seatbelts found in old junker cars at autowrecker sites, they’re durable enough to last a much longer time than most other universal bags, totes, school book bags, and hand purses. So, based on potential longevity, this seems to me to be a frugal purchase over the long haul.

Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve kept a still-usable product out of a landfill.

From ABC News:

Can seatbelts be stylish? Anyone wearing a U.S.E.D. bag might say yes — the Canadian company uses old seatbelts fished out of landfills to create handbags, shoulder bags and other accessories. The company’s name is an abbreviation for Unlimited Supplies from Everyone’s Discards.

Company’s tagline: Designer Products from 100% Recycled Seatbelts

Summary from U.S.E.D. Recycled Seatbelt bags website:


We only use seatbelts that we ourselves go out and get from the autowreckers. By purchasing our products, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills.

U.S.E.D. can not guarantee specific colors but we will come as close as possible to your color choices. Let us know in the provided comment box during the checkout for your preferred color choices and we will try to match your choices.

Yes, all of these are made from old car and truck seat belts…










U.S.E.D. also produces a few accessories, including visors:


BTW, I’m not a pitch person for this company. Just wanted to commend a company for producing something of value, which is also stylish, from garbage.

I just wish I had the $100 to spend to get a handbag for myself. Instead, frugal me, will be opting instead to buy groceries and pay my gas bill.

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