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Zowie, a Feel-Good Video: Hundreds of Patriotic Bikers, with US Flags Waving, Escort Teen Boy to School That Had Banned His Display of American Flag (video)

Posted By on November 15, 2010

Signs are held during a procession in Denair, Calif. 13-year-old Cody Alicea brought national attention to being told by school officials to remove an American flag from his bike that he rides to school each morning, in order to not aggravate 'racial tension.' Monday morning, Alicea rode his bike to school with the flag, followed by hundreds of community members and bikers bearing American flags (BRIAN RAMSAY | Modesto Bee).


Last week, I wrote about how middle-schooler Cody Alicea, attending Denair Middle School in California, was forbidden to mount the American flag on his bike — all in the name of “safety” or “racial tension” or some other leftist nonsense gobbledygook. Cody had displayed the flag on his bike for two months, in honor of his country and of his grandfather who had served in the military, and had ridden it back and forth to school before anything was said by school officials — suspiciously banned during Veterans Week, of all times.

This patriotic young man sadly agreed to comply with the school’s banning of the American flag.

And then, the story hit the news and the conservative blogs (doubtful liberal media blowhards Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews covered it) in a big way. And outcry resulted.

A crashing demolition-tower of outcry from parents, military veterans, and countless others from across the globe.

The ban was ultimately rescinded. However, an ugly snapshot of what is happening in many of our public schools was revealed, provoked by liberal and/or outrageously politically correct school administrators. Denying and/or penalizing patriotism and minimizing and/or banning the honoring of America is upon us… demonstrating patriotism is in the crosshairs of liberals.

And then, today, bright and early on Monday morning, THIS happened — with hundreds of neighbors and American Legion riders, with a sea of American flags proudly displayed — Cody was escorted to school via parade.

WOW! Truly inspiring!


Cody’s Ride for the Flag — Denair, CA, 11-15-10


From Modesto Bee, Denair Flag Flap: Denair student overwhelmed:

As flags flew, cameras rolled and motorcycles revved around him, the unlikely hero in the patriotic tale that swept up this town broke into tears.

Cody Alicea, whose stepfather called in news crews after a Denair Middle School employee told the boy to remove an American flag from his bicycle, seemed eager to get away from the crowd and into school Monday morning.

“I’d like to thank you all for your support,” he said at a rally organized in the parking lot of Denair Food.

He arrived in the lot escorted by a group of motorcyclists, and picked up several hundred more walkers who accompanied him to campus.

He collected a hat, a flag and other mementoes from various groups, and Rep. George Radanovich, R-Mariposa, sent a letter.

Before leaving the lot to continue his ride to school, Cody exchanged a hug with Denair Unified School District Superintendent Ed Parraz, his former school principal. Parraz again apologized for the incident and took responsibility for it.

“This happened on my watch,” he said, pledging to learn from the issue and move the district ahead.

A campus supervisor last week told Cody to put his flag in his backpack over concerns for his safety and in the wake of a Cinco de Mayo incident over the Mexican flag.

Cody’s stepfather, Robert Kinser, called a TV news crew after he learned what happened.

“(Cody) would have just done as they asked,” he said. “But I thought I should call the news after I tried to call the school and see if we could meet in the middle on this.”

Though the district reversed its stance — Parraz said he’d be happy if every kid in Denair had a flag on his bike — the issue went viral on the Internet and newscasts.

From Gateway Pundit: Wow! HUNDREDS OF RIDERS WITH US FLAGS Escort Cody Alicea to School Today (Video):

Hundreds of American Legion Riders and fellow patriots escorted Cody Alicea to Denair Middle School this morning. They all had American Flags on their bikes.

A veteran brings Cody to tears when he gives him his Purple Heart hat during a rally outside Cody’s school. (KCRA).

FOX 40: Denair Superintendent Apologizes for Prohibiting American Flag

From American Thinker, The case of Cody Alicea: Ordered to remove American flag from his bike:

The American flag causes “racial tensions” in America? How far have we fallen as a country?

Inasmuch as the story is out of California, I could assume the race of the students causing the tension. But I had to look outside the news report to confirm that certain Hispanic students were offended by the United States flag.

If Cody’s safety was the issue, it seems to me that school officials should have removed the bullies, not the flag. If the school would not remove the thugs, the security and police presence in the school could have been focused on protecting Cody and his right to ride with the flag.

If these non-assimilated thugs are “anchor babies” they are making a strong case for the deportation of all illegals and their kids. If they are not anchor babies they are revealing a serious problem with California’s transmission of American civics and patriotism.

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