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TV Kitchen Firsts: Emmy Winner Rachael Ray Airs First 3-D Cooking Show & World’s Largest Cooking Demo (video)

Posted By on November 18, 2010

Groundbreaking: TV cooking sensation Rachael Ray, seen here wearing her Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume, also put together the world's largest cooking demonstration. Parts of last month's Halloween episode with Pee-wee Herman was filmed in 3-D


Popular Emmy winner, best-selling author, and always-smiling, thrift-minded cooking show host Rachael Ray has broken new ground again. Last month, she aired the cooking genre’s first 3-D episode, and this week, she staged the world’s largest cooking demo.

From NY Daily News, Rachael Ray show stirs up genre’s first 3-D episode, world’s largest cooking demonstration :

Rachael Ray is on a streak to set records.

Friday, her daytime show is believed to be the first to incorporate 3-D, and then on Nov. 15, she’ll stage what’s being billed as the world’s largest cooking demonstration.

“It’s a huge month,” says Ray.

Indeed, besides the “Rachael Ray Show,” she has a new cookbook and shows on the Food Network, including the new “Week in a Day,” where she cooks a week’s worth of meals in a day, and “30 Minute Meals.”

“This is my thing,” Ray says. “Musicians write music, I write food. I like the experience. Food is so specific. It’s such a great way to communicate with people.”
And she does. Big time.

The idea to try 3-D has been a few years in the making. Early on, Ray and her team saw a demonstration by the Real-D company, and began thinking of ways to bring it to her daytime show.

“I was so freaked out about my Real-D experience that I wanted to be the first show of its kind to do it,” she says.

Her usual set was redesigned and given a Halloween theme, with special equipment brought in for the experience. (3-D glasses also were distributed in this week’s edition of TV Guide.) The entire show is not in 3-D, she says, so viewers who didn’t get the glasses won’t feel left out.

“We try to let them know when it’s time to put on your glasses,” she says of the show, which airs tomorrow at 10 a.m. on WABC/Ch. 7.

Pee-wee Herman and Penn & Teller are the guest stars. And Ray wears a Jessica Rabbit costume. Her husband, John Cusimano, also makes an appearance.

“I had the best day,” she says of the 3-D taping. “It was the only time in our history we only shot one episode in a day.”

Rachael Ray 3-D Halloween Show | Aired October 29, 2010


From ABC 6 Action News, Rachael Ray breaks record with cooking demo:

Action News reporter Alicia Vitarelli cooked right along with Rachel Ray for a behind the scenes sneak peek of Monday morning’s show.

“We are trying to make history with the world’s biggest cooking demo,” Rachael Ray said.

And it was a big logistical feat months in the making!

“We try and make people feel like they are cooking along with us every day, but to do that thing is a technical big, big question,” explained Rachael.

To pull it off, Rachael Ray’s New York City studio got one heck of an overhaul.

“We have about 100 people here today like we normally have in our audience, but instead of those little blue chairs these people have pots, pans and utensils,” said Rachael.

200 more people were set up at similar “mini kitchens” in Los Angeles, and folks at home from as far as Berlin, Germany to Philly were chopping, sautéing and Skyping simultaneously.

“We are really going to cook together. That’s fantastic!” said Rachael.

“I am so excited to be doing this with you,” said Alexa, who was cooking right here in Philadelphia.

The dish is a new recipe from Rachael’s latest book, “Look and Cook”.

“I wanted to make it a really simple meal. It is a honey mustard chicken,” explained Rachael.


From Appliance Magazine, Fagor Induction Helps Rachael Ray Stage World’s Biggest Cooking Demo:

Three hundred audience members – 100 in New York City, 200 in Los Angeles – of the Rachael Ray Show took part in the first ever “Worlds Biggest Cooking Demo,” lead by celebrity chef Rachael Ray. The demo included use of the Fagor Countertop Induction Burner.

The countertop induction unit was designed to help make the event run smoothly and effectively, providing the audience with a portable and fast way of cooking without open flames.

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