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POTUS Christmas Hawaiian Vacation Delayed by Congress, Obama Suffering in Cold DC

Posted By on December 16, 2010


As the First Family and First Dog and First Mother-in-Law await the First Socialist to pack his designer bags so that they can whiz off on Air Force One to their Hawaiian Christmas vacation, Congress has shoved several Dem donkey wrenches into the works of their festive plans.

Mr. President, are you still keeping it warm enough in the Oval Office to grow orchids?

Pundit & Pundette reports on Pres. Obama’s delayed Hawaiian vacation and how UNSEASONABLY cold and snowy it is in Washington, DC… Congress forces Obama to linger in frigid DC:

The plan as of now is for Obama to remain in DC until Congress calls it quits:

“I think the President will be in Washington and in the White House for as long as Congress is in session this year,” Gibbs said.

But I’m not sure Obama can hold out much longer. It’s unseasonably cold here in the DC area. The normal high for this time of year is 48 to 50 degrees. Currently it’s 25 degrees with howling 25 to 30 mph winds and a wicked wind chill of 12 degrees, and dropping. Great weather for roofers — there goes another tile! — but not so much for hot house flowers who keep their thermostats at 80 and their golf clubs always at the ready.

Sen. Harry Reid’s threat to stay in session until the new Congress shoves them out the door on January 5th — no doubt an empty threat — is Obama’s worst nightmare.


The devil never sleeps. Perhaps Obama could deputize Clinton to fill in for him. Think how handy he would have been last Christmas when the president’s leisure was so rudely interrupted by a terrorist attempt. It took our Commander-in-Chief three days to rouse himself enough to make a public statement. And even then he chose to appear tieless, just to remind us that he was still on vacation.

From The Lonely Conservative, Aw! Poor Obama May Have to Delay Hawaii Vacation:

Poor President Obama. What’s it been, weeks since his last vacation? Thanks to the lame duck Democrats in Congress trying to ram through as much destructive legislation as possible before their time expires, he may have to delay his vacation. So sad.

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