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First Family Fashion Disasters… Obama & Michelle Need “Dress Me” Czars

Posted By on January 7, 2011

Kudos to No Sheeples Here for this “Twilight Zone-like” photo of our Commander in Chief… Awkkkk!

How difficult is it for the leader of the most powerful (maybe not “most” anymore) nation on Earth to friggin’ BUTTON HIMSELF correctly?

Obama's in need of a 'Dress Me Czar' with his buttons - h/t to No Sheeples Here, via MSNBC's Photoblog


Some called these pants his “mom jeans,” some called them his “dad jeans.” Either way, they did NOT fit the narrative the left-wing media desperately wanted for Obama’s first presidential baseball pitch. Giggles and uncool jokes ensued about the POTUS mom pants and his weak pitching, but I’m sure someone on the team would have alerted the president if his fly was opened.

Obama and his uncool 'mom jeans' - July 2009


Another “Dress Me Czar” is needed for FLOTUS Michelle Antoinette, who for every time she “gets” it right in her attire, she then promptly “gets” it wrong — painfully wrong. Here are some of the fashion “wrongs” — but at least she manages to button her clothing correctly when in public… as did George W. Bush and Bill Clinton:


FLOTUS Fashion Disaster: Michelle Obama wore this ill-fitting, strangely tiled cardigan in 2010


This FLOTUS cardigan outfit actually looks WORSE in this photo - designer was Sophie Theallet and the outfit cost $1,925.


When the Obamas vacationed at the Grand Canyon, Michelle Obama wore short-shorts, apparently a 'fashion first' for a FLOTUS riding on Air Force One... a wincing moment for many liberals who wanted to herald her 'fashion savvy,' but couldn't ignore this inappropriate outfit for a First Lady


Michelle Obama in an eyeball-melting, ill-fitting, flaming orange dress... Who in the heck is dressing this poor woman? And who killed the pumpkin that gave up its life for this unattractive dress?


From January 2009, the red-and-black hourglass dress... still a fashion nightmare


What NOT to wear to a dignified Medal of Honor ceremony... even if you ARE married to the president. Turquoise FLOTUS coat with a huge, boob-hugging belt that makes her look fat, pregnant, or 12 years old, 2009. Notice that everyone, except Michelle, is wearing black.


Yikes, what's up with Michelle and her obsession with ugly, clunky, boob-hugging belts that make her look preggers???


Reportedly, there is another boob-hugging belt somewhere in this visual mess, but I can't see it - Mrs. O & U.S. Sen. Harry Reid met at the Red Rock National Conservation Area to launch her Let's Move Outside! initiative. FLOTUS wore an Etro cardigan, yellow J. Crew skirt, Sonia Rykiel belt, and silver flats. SILVER flats, with a predominantly yellow ensemble?


Yes, it's another boob-hugging belt - the Moschino sweater and black slacks would look pretty good on FLOTUS, but the look is destroyed with this ridiculously wide belt cinched under her bosom


Yet another hideous boob-belt outfit...


Sigh - does Michelle own stock in boob belts?


More boob belt...


I like this teal ensemble (hate the brooch) by Erickson Beamon, but it's WAY too snug on Michelle, like 2 sizes too tight across the midrift. But notice -- she didn't wear a boob belt! Woo hoo!


Again with the silver flats...


Amusing post accompanies this photo at Michelle Obama Can’t Dress Her Own Damn Self blog:

Another hideous outfit, with Michelle wearing her expensive tennis shoes. Michelle's suede and patent sneakers cost a whopping $540 and she wore them when doing a contrived photo op at a food kitchen - graphic h/t to Michelle Obama Can't Dress Her Own Damn Self blog


The Obamas arrive in Boston for Ted Kennedy funeral in August 2009 - FLOTUS wore this Sophie Theallet dress with an Azzedine Alaia belt

Not at all flattering, but for a casual neighborhood luau for a middle-class soccer mom, it would be OK - but not what the First Lady of the United States should be wearing at a huge White House event


From October 2010, FLOTUS Staged Photo Op Alert: No One I Know Dresses Up for Dirty Gardening… Except First Lady Michelle-O:

The boots alone cost $495.

I don’t suggest Michelle look like a hippie-gardening slob… just wear something that is reasonably APPROPRIATE and sensible for working in a garden — frugal recycling/repurposing would also be nice, but I’ll give her a pass on that since it’s not like she has the time nor anonymity to be able to scour second-hand stores or garage sales. However, Nancy Reagan looked authentic and down-to-earth when riding horses, Jackie Kennedy knew when to dress up and dress down, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush would have been much more savvy on what to wear in a gardening photo op. I doubt that would have included clomping around in the mulch and mud with $495 fashion boots during the worst economic recession this country has seen in three decades.

October 2010: FLOTUS & her staged gardening photo op - the boots cost $495


Even left-wing, FLOTUS-adoring Huffington Post couldn't say anything nice about this pants (or sweats) outfit with beige fleur-de-lis detailing... January 2011, Michelle-O upon returning from Hawaii Christmas vacation


Who dresses this poor, clueless woman? Does she blindfold herself in the morning, tug on her overpriced, thigh-high mustard-colored boots, and just hope for the best?


Horror in turquoise - FLOTUS & POTUS strolling outside Humayun's Tomb, also known as a 'mini-Taj Mahal' in New Delhi


This weird, radioactive gold number speaks for itself... oh, dear, where are my sunglasses?


Uh, no comment.


To view some incredibly awkward poses of FLOTUS and her legs, check out these “what the heck?” photos at Track-A-‘Crat.


And one more fashion czar for Obama’s dweebie, clueless staffdig the suits, man:

SUIT UP!: From MSNBC: White House staffers Ben Finkenbinder & Nick Shapiro carry surfboards after arriving with Pres. Barack Obama at Andrews Air Force Base on Jan. 4. The Obamas returned after a 2-week Hawaiian vacation.


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2 Responses to “First Family Fashion Disasters… Obama & Michelle Need “Dress Me” Czars”

  1. B.WALMSLEY says:

    what happened to the corn-rows and nose-ring.

    do these people not realize, that they are not in the chicago-hood, and that the very people across the world, who need to respect ‘american presidential power’, just hold him upto ridicule, and by association all the rest of what should be the ‘american-ruling class’,

    can anyone immagine putin,any european leader or even 3rd world tyrant displaying such lack of judgement and poor taste,.

    all the negative things said about king’s disciples back in the ’60s are writ large across the pictures of the world as they ridicule america through him.

    for crying out loud, is there no-one with any of whats universally known as ‘class’, running america’s political institutions

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