All Palin February, Day 20… Sarah Palin Laughs at Herself, Discusses Obama’s Budget, Egypt’s Crisis, Gun Control, & Breast Milk at Long Island Luncheon Address « Frugal Café Blog Zone

All Palin February, Day 20… Sarah Palin Laughs at Herself, Discusses Obama’s Budget, Egypt’s Crisis, Gun Control, & Breast Milk at Long Island Luncheon Address

Posted By on February 20, 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin and husband Todd waved to cheering crowd of thousands in a parade through Auburn, NY’s streets for inaugural Founder’s Day celebration, of which she was the guest of honor in June 2009 | Photo credit: Jason Adams


All Palin February, Day 20…

Geez, I continue to be amazed by and admire this woman’s strength, character, patriotism, conservatism, and sense of humor. Sarah Palin has no trouble laughing at herself, as she demonstrated this week at a Long Island Association luncheon in Woodbury, New York.

All this, and with NO teleprompter.

From Examiner, Long Island gets personal with Palin:

The Long Island Association hosted Governor Sarah Palin at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Thursday in Woodbury, New York for their annual luncheon, giving Long Island and myself the opportunity to get personal with Palin.

This event was particularly significant for Palin as it was unlike many others she’s participated in. The former governor did not deliver a speech standing behind a podium. She didn’t appear in her home studio for a FOX News appearance. But instead, the former Governor participated in an informal Q & A with the president of the Long Island Association, Kevin Law. Two chairs were front and center on stage and the casual sit-down felt like an everyday lunch where the topics on everyone’s minds were tossed around the table—including the budget, debt ceiling vote, a government shut-down, gun control, and, of course, 2012.

Palin didn’t have a star-studded arrival. In fact, it was very low-key. She arrived with her entourage, none other than her daughter, Bristol. In fact, if you blinked, you might have missed Palin walk onto the stage with the board members of the LIA. She held her head high as the National Anthem was sung and cheered on the Color Guard as they displayed the flag.

But when Palin took the stage, you couldn’t help but notice some of the 1,000 businessmen and women in attendance creep to the edge of their seats, so they wouldn’t miss a word straight from the mouth of one of the possible contenders for the 2012 presidency.

The hour long discussion began with the hot topic of our national budget. Palin stated how we are on a road to ruin and something must be done to rein in the spending. She also stressed that certainly with Medicaid and Social Security, something has to change. “We are on the wrong road, but it’s not too late to get on the right road,” Palin said, who had enlisted Bristol with the job of gathering some hard facts. Those facts, read by Sarah Palin, were the skyrocketing prices of groceries and gas, etc…

“It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you better breast-feed your baby – yeah, you better – because the price of milk is so high right now!” Palin joked. As the crowd laughed, Palin replied, “And may that not be the takeaway, please, of this speech.”

Palin knows the media well, as you know the headlines will read, Palin takes dig on Michelle Obama, but there was much more to takeaway from her discussion. She stood firm on her stance on gun control, called for the full repeal of Obamacare, reminded everyone of her belief in less government, and told us she hasn’t given up on drill, baby, drill!

When asked about Egypt, Palin reiterated the words she wrote on Facebook. “We now need to trust but verify that the Egyptian protestors want democracy,” and she stressed how the U.S. needs to be wary of the Muslim Brotherhood and protect our interests.

Never one to back down from adversity or criticism, Palin didn’t blink an eye when asked about her approval ratings in one of the latest Gallup polls that shows that more than 50% have a negative opinion of her. Palin joked, “In a lot of those polls, yeah, I get my butt kicked.” Palin pointed out that the poll Law was talking about took place right after Tucson in which the media was quick to look for somebody to blame for the shootings. Palin said, “I’m not blaming that for my poor poll numbers. They are what they are. I think though, how else does the public know you though besides through the press? And when the press reports things that have really, really misrepresented my record as council member, mayor, governor, commissioner…and when the press is misreporting what you stand for, what your family is, certainly the perception out there is that this person is less than qualified.”

Click here to read the rest… it’s fabulous.


For those new to “All Palin February” — this is a collective response of support from conservative bloggers to the Washington Post swearing off mentioning Sarah Palin in the media, via the clarion call of leftist columnist Dana Milbank. Milbank’s pledge to not mention Palin “in print, online, or on television” for the entire month of February lasted less than a day.

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