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Starbucks Worried & Democrat Rep. Weiner Pushing for ObamaCare Waiver for NYC… And Yet, He’s One of the Bill’s Biggest Supporters (video)

Posted By on March 24, 2011


ObamaCare for thee, but not for me.

The list of major companies and unions that don’t want to participate in the jobs-killing, unsustainable, unconstitutional ObamaCareexceeding 700 at last count, and includes McDonald’s — may soon extend to New York City, if Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner has his way. And this weasel SUPPORTS ObamaCare — not for his neck of the woods, of course, but for everyone else in the country.

ObamaCare waivers are under investigation by Congress.

For the record, 40 percent of those who have opted out of socialized health care are unions.

Imagine that.

From Politico, Anthony Weiner: Waiver might work for New York:

Rep. Anthony Weiner said Wednesday he was looking into how a health law waiver might work for New York City.

Weiner, who is likely to run for mayor of New York, said that because of the city’s special health care infrastructure, his office was looking into alternatives that might make more sense. Weiner is one of the health care law’s biggest supporters; during the debate leading up to reform, he was one of the last holdouts in Congress for the public option.

“The president said, ‘If you have better ideas that can accomplish the same thing, go for it,’” said Weiner. “I’m in the process now of trying to see if we can take [President Barack Obama] up on it in the city of New York, … and I’m taking a look at all of the money we spend in Medicaid and Medicare and maybe New York City can come up with a better plan.”

New York is one of two states that pass on Medicaid expenses to cities and localities, so “the city winds up having an enormous Medicaid expense,” Weiner said.

From Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin, An Obamacare Weiner-Waiver for New York City?:

Last year, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner took personal ownership of the magnificent health care law, even to the point of proclaiming “the bill and I are one” like a monk trying to attain enlightenment using nothing but willpower, outbursts and a trillion dollars of other people’s money. In short, Anthony Weiner loves the health care bill.

It’s just that… well… it might not be right for his district

For the up-to-date waiver list (733 as of today) of companies and unions that want to opt out of ObamaCare, click here.

Coffee-haven giant Starbucks is now getting cold feet — radio talk show host Mark Levin recently covered the financial impact of ObamaCare on his radio show. H/t to Gateway Pundit:

Mark Levin – Starbucks and Anthony Weiner Want Waivers on ObamaCare


Reported by NewsBusters, CEO of Starbucks, Which Supported Obamacare, Now Worried Mandate Will Hurt Small Businesses:

It seems Starbucks is regretting the health care Frankenstein it helped create. The company was a key corporate backer of Obamacare in its legislative stages, but its top executive has raised concerns about the law’s economic damage.

Howard Schultz, the coffee company’s CEO, recently told the Seattle Times that “the pressure on small businesses, because of the mandate, is too great” in the Obamacare law as currently written (h/t Mark Hemingway).

So why did he support the law in the first place? Schultz says he was enthused by the drive to insure the uninsured. So he likes that goal, he just doesn’t how like it’s being achieved.

That raises two questions: first, given that the mandate was integral to the legislation when it was under congressional consideration – and that the problems with the mandate were entirely foreseeable – why did he support the bill in the first place?

It may well be that Schultz believes the damage done to small business is a fair price for universal health care coverage. It’s also quite likely that Starbucks will benefit from the mandate precisely due to its economic damage. As he noted, that damage will hit small businesses hardest. Starbucks can afford a bit more overhead. It’s smaller competitors, not so much.

This week, Heritage Foundation posted this video on YouTube and wrote this summary of how ObamaCare will hammer an IHOP franchise:

In 2006, when Indiana small-business owner Scott Womack purchased a development agreement to expand his IHOP franchise into Ohio, he had no idea Congress would pass a massive overhaul of the health care system four years later.

Today, one year after that legislative overhaul became law, Womack is very aware of Obamacare — and of its effects on his plans for growth.

Under the year-old law, Womack must provide health insurance to all full-time employees beginning in 2014. Right now, he employs nearly 1,000 full- and part-time workers and already offers insurance to his management staff. He simply does not know how he’ll generate the revenue to do more.

Womack estimates the cost of the law to his company will be 50 percent greater than his company’s earnings — in other words, beyond his ability to pay.

That’s not because his company of 12 IHOP restaurants in Indiana and Ohio is unprofitable. Quite the opposite, in fact. By industry standards, he’s doing well. But labor-intensive restaurants generate profits of just 5 percent to 7 percent per employee.

With fears about how he’ll afford to provide health insurance with those low profit margins, Womack is worried about his expansion plans in Ohio. He can’t exactly cancel his development agreement. But he’ll only be able to fund his new restaurants — and the construction, real estate and manufacturing jobs that would go along with them — if Obamacare is repealed.

“If the health care reform law is not repealed or if the employer mandate doesn’t go away, we’re going to have to take drastic action,” Womack explains.

From his perspective, the law represents Congress’ fundamental misunderstanding of important differences among industries. He’s frustrated that so few lawmakers sought input from people like him — but he’s doing what he can to speak up now to offer a glimpse into the law’s effects on small-business owners.

Small Business Owner Fears Obamacare’s Impact on Jobs and Economy

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