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Viva Dulcia: Not One, but Two Royal Wedding Cakes Planned for Prince William & Kate’s April Wedding (video)

Posted By on March 27, 2011

Royal wedding invitation


For those outside the UK, you may not be aware of the growing fervor about the April 29th wedding of Prince Charles and Kate Middleton. Billed “The Wedding of the Century,” every tidbit of news about the fairy-tale nuptials is gobbled up by the British press and public.

Now we’re learning about the royal wedding cake. Or rather, the two royal wedding cakes. Most details are being kept hush-hush secret until the wedding day. While William and Kate have reportedly been watching costs for the wedding, they’ve apparently spared no expense on their cakes, which have to feed hundreds.

Some critics are distressed by the cake designer chosen by the young couple.

For the wedding, 1,900 guests have been invited — Pres. Barack Obama and Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy will not be among them.

Associated Press: Royal Wedding to Feature Two Cakes, Not One


From The Independent, Why William and Kate’s choice of cake-maker is causing a stir:

It may be the centrepiece of the big day – but Prince William and Kate Middleton’s choice of wedding cake has raised eyebrows in fashionable baking quarters. The couple have opted for a multi-tiered fruit cake for the wedding breakfast, decorated with symbolic flowers. The design, in which Ms Middleton is said to have taken a keen interest, will be baked by Leicestershire-based Fiona Cairns, whose cakes are sold in Harrods, Selfridges and Waitrose.

Ms Cairns, 56, was contacted by the Prince’s office in February and met with Ms Middleton at Clarence House six weeks ago to discuss ideas. She said: “I couldn’t believe it. I’m very excited, very daunted and very privileged – a mixture of emotions.”

However, rival cakemakers were a bit sniffy. “I’m surprised they’ve chosen someone who designs cakes for a supermarket,” said one, “and brides don’t tend to go for fruit these days.”

According to Cakes By Kerry owner Kerry Kirchin, whose elaborate design appeared in an episode of the Channel 4 show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, modern brides are more likely to go for chocolate and glitter. “It’s certainly something different,” she said. “Fruit cakes aren’t popular nowadays like they used to be. At the moment, cup cakes are all the craze.”

Prince William’s choice was for an alternative treat, a chocolate biscuit cake made by McVitie’s. “They are very popular, but it’s a bit funny,” said Ms Kirchin. However, Jo Hall, of online wedding directory Catering 4 Weddings, thought the fruit-cake design was in line with current trends.

“They are opting for a traditional, simple, elegant cake, with a feminine design” she said. “Fruit cakes are definitely back in again.”

From The Daily Mail, ‘Two cakes’ Kate: Multi-tiered fruit cake and William’s favourite – Rich Tea biscuits and dark chocolate…(we’ll have that one please):

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been keeping an eye on costs a head of their wedding –- but they are sparing no expense when it comes to the cake.

The couple, who both have a sweet tooth, have chosen to have two cakes served at their wedding breakfast following their marriage at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

One will be William’s favourite chocolate biscuit cake, which is made from a special recipe involving Rich Tea biscuits and dark chocolate and is set in the freezer rather than baked in an oven.

Buckingham Palace has sent the recipe to chefs at McVitie’s, who will make an outsized version including 1,700 biscuits and nearly 40lb of chocolate.

The couple have also asked Leicestershire-based cake-designer Fiona Cairns to make a multi-tiered fruit wedding cake which will be decorated with fresh fruit and flowers.

Kate has been instrumental in creating the cake. It is thought it will incorporate the couple’s cipher, which will be released on the wedding day and is expected to be their entwined initials.

Kate has chosen pale colours for the cake and apparently wants a floral theme featuring the symbols of the four nations: an English rose, a Scottish thistle, a Welsh daffodil and an Irish shamrock.


From ABC News, Royal Wedding Cake Designer Announced:

Prince Will and Kate have chosen cake designer, Fiona Cairns to create their wedding cake.

It will be a multi-tiered traditional fruit cake, decorated with cream and white icing.

There will also be a strong British floral theme.

The Royal Household says Fiona was chosen by Kate and Will for her creative style and beautifully crafted handmade cakes using traditional British ingredients.

Her business, which started 25 years ago on her kitchen table, is now a state of the art bakery in Leicestershire, England.

Also, it has been revealed that the royal couple has requested a chocolate biscuit cake for the reception at Buckingham Palace.

It will be made by McVitie’s Cake Company, who will follow a special Royal Family recipe.

From The Mirror, Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding: Prince requests biscuit cake for big day:

Prince William will indulge his sweet tooth on his wedding day by tucking into a chocolate biscuit cake specially made for the royal.

William has asked McVitie’s to create one of his favourite sweet treats that will provide an alternative to the official wedding cake by Fiona Cairns.

The confectionery delight is being created by the biscuit company at one of its UK plants to a recipe they have received from Buckingham Palace kitchen chefs.

Paul Courtney, the firm’s cake design and development head chef, said he was proud to have the task of making it for William.

He added: “It’s an unbaked cake and it will be made in a test bakery where we develop new products as our factory lines are too big.

“It has a couple of secret ingredients we can’t tell you about but it will have dark chocolate, to give it a really nice flavour, and use rich tea biscuits that will be broken up.

“When Prince William was a young boy he would have it for tea and really enjoyed it.”

McVitie’s, now part of the United Biscuits Group, have made many of the wedding and christening cakes for members of the Royal Family since the marriage of George V to Queen Mary in 1893.

Update, March 30, 2011: Royal Watch: The International Guest List… included invitees are Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden with husband Daniel, William’s godfather, King Constantine, former king of Greece, and his entire family including his wife, Queen Anne Marie, and Crown Prince Pavlos with his American heiress wife Marie-Chantal.


UPDATE, April 29, 2011: Photo series of the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal Wedding Photos — Pre-Wedding Arrivals of Guests, Prince William Arrives at Westminster Abbey

Royal Wedding Photos — Pre-Wedding Arrival: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, & Kate Arrive at Westminster Abbey

Royal Wedding Photos — Beautiful Bride Kate and Prince William Wed at Westminster Abbey, Congratulations!


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