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Animal Feel-Good Story of the Day: Deer Stands Guard over Goose in New York (video)

Posted By on April 7, 2011

In Buffalo, NY, a deer is standing guard over a goose and her nest

In a cemetery in Buffalo, New York, a deer appears to be protecting a female goose who recently lost her mate, which has authorities scratching their heads.

And no, it’s not a kids’ movie. Although, the song “You’ve Got a Friend” is running through my mind about now.

From North Buffalo News, Bambi Protects Mother Goose:

BUFFALO, NY – It’s a scene right out of a Disney movie, a mother goose has lost her lifelong mate and was left alone to create and tend to her nest. She spends the day sheltering her eggs from the cold spring air inside an empty cemetery urn chosen as home.

The loss of her male partner now makes her vulnerable to any would-be predators who choose to approach the nest. But, in an unlikely twist of fate, an adult deer has befriended the mother goose, taking over the role of protector.

This animal arrangement is highly unusual, since there’s no known way that a deer and goose can communicate. Yet somehow the deer has come to understand the need of the nesting mother.

The deer now spends its days near the urn acting as guardian when needed. As passersby approach the area the deer stands and places itself between the person and the nesting goose. On one occasion the deer even took a protective stance taking on a barking dog near the area of the urn.

From WHEC, Deer and goose form friendship inside Buffalo cemetery:

A deer and a goose in Buffalo have formed an unlikely friendship. While the goose watches over her nest, the deer watches over her.

The goose lost her male partner making her extra vulnerable to predators. While it is unclear how they communicate, the deer somehow understands the goose’s needs.

On one occasion, it even tried to fend off a barking dog by taking a protective stance.

No one knows if this friendship will continue once the goose’s chicks leave the nest.

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