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Bronx Zoo’s Famous Deadly “MIA” Cobra Found, Now a Celebrity (video)

Posted By on April 9, 2011

The deadly Egyptian cobra (named “Mia” in a poll) that was “MIA” last month for nearly a week from the Bronx Zoo — and prompted a spoof Twitter page — has been found. Much to the delight (and relief) of zoo workers, no doubt.

As of this morning, she is back on display in her glass cage at the zoo and has become a celebrity.

From KTAR News, Cobra Back on Display at Bronx Zoo:

The “missing in action” cobra that made headlines around the world when she escaped from her enclosure in the Bronx Zoo’s Reptile House two weeks ago was back on display Saturday, the zoo announced.

The deadly Egyptian snake, named Mia in a poll organized by the Bronx Zoo and the New York Daily News, became an online sensation, with one person creating a satirical Twitter account to document the cobra’s adventures “out on the town” in New York City.

The brownish cobra, with a uniquely large, broad head, is among the most venomous reptiles on the planet — its poison can kill a person in less than 15 minutes.

She was caught on March 31 in a dark, non-public corner of the world famous zoo’s Reptile House, which was closed while Mia was M.I.A.

The building was reopened to the public Saturday, giving visitors an opportunity to see Mia for the first time.

From Times Union, Elusive snake goes back on display at Bronx Zoo:

NEW YORK (AP) — New York has an unlikely new celebrity: a slithering snake.

The venomous Egyptian cobra that went missing from the Bronx Zoo two weeks ago was back on display Saturday, giving the public its first look at the cobra since it was found a week ago in a dark corner of the reptile house.

The tale of the missing cobra has captivated the masses, and the 3-ounce star drew an endless lineup of visitors to her glass cage.

The elusive snake now has a name, thanks to a contest by the zoo and the New York Daily News. Nearly 60,000 people voted on five final choices, with Mia (for “Missing in action”) beating out “Cleopatra” and “Amaunet,” an ancient Egyptian goddess whose name means “the female hidden one.”

It also has fans wearing pins and “Free the Snake” T-shirts.

And someone pretending to be the snake on Twitter has more than 200,000 followers. The writer had imagined a glamorous life for the snake during its week on the lam; Mia visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and snacked on Magnolia cupcakes.

From the Bronx Zoo website:

Bronx, NY – April 7, 2011 – The Bronx Zoo’s Egyptian cobra has her name – Mia.

Partnering with the New York Daily News, the Bronx Zoo offered the public the opportunity to submit their favorite name for the snake – just more than 34,000 responded with their nominations and 59,535 voted on the final five choices.

The winning name – Mia – was nominated 222 times and received 15,972 votes (27 percent). The runners-up: Subira, 14,016 votes (24 percent); Amaunet, 11,672 votes (20 percent); Cleopatra, 10,730 votes (18 percent); Agnes, 6,777 votes (11 percent).

Now that Mia has received her official name and has settled into her exhibit at the Bronx Zoo’s Reptile House, the building will be re-opened to the public on Saturday, April 9 and visitors will be able to see her for the first time.

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